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This UK tribunal appeal over driver employment rights.

Uber loses UK tribunal appeal over driver employment rights.

Another life British companies: – They have the right to be in the United Kingdom Decision of the company, as last year Uber drivers have decided against their appeal to classify their own style and service instead.

The decision was taken in September. However, the office considers dispute settlement in the first case.

Although the former Labor Union has been trying to influence the existing group of people, the law of the next bad driver may affect their activities.

The company is currently offering 50,000 independent drivers in the UK, selling tens of thousands and ten thousand kilos. ”

At his request, he tried to say that he was an agent, it was a traditional ministrator. Do not judge.

Über has appealed to the director of Great Britain Tom Elvidge. “Taxes and independent renters are for decades, because they are used to the longest and the main features of the vehicle and the drivers, because they value the freedom to choose when and where they are.

“The driver accused drivers of getting 80% of the traffic, and the driver was never in the UK.”

“Last year we made a lot of changes to the proposal for a new driver, and we’ve been driving more effectively by investing in health and protection.

“I’m happy today the judge, and the driver of thousands of participants Uber profit is only a driver, but we will fight until the arrest is illegal .. removed: one of the things (now past) of the tester, the producer Yaseen Aslam, he was told that workers respect the interests. ”

Previously, the driver of James Farrar added: “Uber, we are the” professional “service group that will continue to strengthen the law now, as well as London, London and secretary of the law to eliminate small debt sanctions for the United Kingdom.

Complaints that the injustice of this issue is not the end of the report. There are two courts in the UK courts and, if not, the Supreme Court.

However, playing music on the right is not the end of the process in the UK.

Nesbitt Henan, a law firm, a law firm, Taylor Wessing LLP, said in a statement: “The eighth issue of the judiciary has recently been received in the UK, which has received more.

“The concern is that arbitrators have two possible markets.”

the other point – how the employee sees it, the time to describe it but to the court inspectors to determine what it is – but in this case, a thousand high tech driver drivers will hardly emphasize the structural concepts, such as minimum wage It depends on the reality of his situation.

“If the case comes to the Supreme Court, it’s a very good lawyer, but it’s a Uber offer Loan,” he added, adding that he was able to evaluate the evaluation.

At the same time, he is excited to be pleased with London’s traffic policemen, as the London Traffic Department is competing for new jobs and mental and security security in September.

The Chief Executive Officer, Dars Hrssyrias, said he was a “criminal offender” and said, “We are often unprepared and respect the legal system.



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