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Announcing the TechCrunch Meetup in Singapore on November 23


In TechCrunch, we serve a global audience, so we organized official meetings around the world. We are now pleased to add a new region to Southeast Asia.

As the person who made this ecosystem growth area in recent years, I’m pleased to announce that we have Google and VCS associated with the organization of the Singapore’s technology center in Southeast Asia, November 23: SeedPlus Company!

The theme is developing in Southeast Asia, and we host two billion companies active this year, only this year.

Authentic event, which starts at 11.00 at Google’s headquarters in Singapore and includes lunch.

  • TechCrunch Singapore Meeting: November 23rd
  • Subject: Advertising in Southeast Asia
  • Time: 11.00 (with dinner)
  • Popular speakers are: Nika Nush, Garen and Chief Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan
  • Location: Google Office, Singapore
  • Price: free ?
  • Full details, including ticket availability, TBC
  • We could not ask the question of the two eligible people, and personally I’m very happy when I
  • hear about their experiences.

Executive Director of the famous “Min-Liang Tan”, wrote the founder, president of Nike Sea [left] and Rzar [right]

Because commercialization, which manages regional diversity in Southeast Asia, distinguishes between culture, economy, opportunities and more.

This event ends with a few words with our partners, and the network will have it over days and more.

Quickly follow the blog information about requesting a ticket – they are free.



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