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Driving Digital Transformation by Making Citizen Developers Heroes

Driving Digital Transformation by Making.

Businessmen know that if they do business in the digital business, they will need it. However, many operators have not changed their organization. Many executives have discovered that cultural change and their work is a bit worse than the new generation of programs and services that enable digital business.

The company has made the most promising digital transformation, so they can sell more clouds in new age business solutions as a sales manager. Companies are not at risk when more and more organizations are not introducing digital changes.

In the last decade, Salesforce has become an entrepreneur, not just a small media model, but also a practical CRM solution, but CXO is a characteristic feature of painting that deals with more material problems. – A commercial strategy that uses e-commerce, mobile, and social channels.

No, Salesforce has changed dramatically – from selling CXO digitally every day demonstrating how employees can become a reality.

My Moja

This change took place at the Dreamforce conference, which was Salesforce Salesforce in San Francisco. Turnover has gained two digital approaches to speed up the transition to digital and increase sales with a large number of regulations.

First of all, Salesforce applications and developers use the hope that their products and services will attract more businesses and applications. Secondly, Salesforce made significant investments in a new training program called “Trailheads” to increase the number of users using the software capabilities.

Müügiorganizated Dream Force News is focusing on the new generation of chilled glaciers. A sales representative changes current suggestions for a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface and fewer code requirements.

The company has introduced a number of new products for the new My brand to highlight the use of Salesforce to identify and use them.

In fact, the promise of mobile apps and mySalesforce myLightning users to create their own custom of the sphere of causality. MyEinstein, an attempt to demystify the idea of artificial intelligence allows users to create applications compatible with the fundamentals. And proof of this acceleration, which aims at creating MyIoT composite products and services.

In all of these cases, Salesforce aims to facilitate full acceptance of quicker and easier tool products.

Production strategy

Updated with new products and the act of reading sessions included exhibiting exhibitors, as in heavy traffic. Dreamforce Energy Center is located at the Moscone West building, which was the home of the trail departure training programs.

Salesforce Dreamforce 2014 has launched a daring start of the trail to almost meet the growing demand for software developers and information providers. Instead, putting on training techniques have stimulated the Trailhead web-based transmission systems, equal moderation and the latest production methods and make it fun and autonomous learning process.

As usual, Salesforce does not sell a pavilion at the beginning of the Moscone West building trail in an environment similar to creating animated characters, which is Disneyland, Disney has changed the secrets of men. There were long lines of participants wishing to buy and hope to buy t-shirts, hats, and sportswear, and is made by Logoid pain beginning of the trail.

But there were other things starting off the trail, is generated in the light of being in the highest minds, and it shows how he investors TRAILHEAD certifications he intended learning outcomes .


Transformers advocacy employees: U-turn and their digital needs, as end users in the anguish, not only the business. There is also a clever business would not be plagued by the recorder, as business leaders, who are paralyzed, are a daunting task in any implementation of digital strategies.

as it happens every day. products and services. The company is also an important source of revenue to provide new training programs for end users, partners and developers.

Previously, the leader of all heads of visionary things that are praised by publishers and Dreamforce. For the new message Memasys “Trailblazer”, so this year at the conference, the new product, the main problem for the end user, which won Müügiorganit the ability to make a difference.

This technique has a great diversity of species have been created in the industry. Instead, in the digital transformation can be promoted only from the bottom all the way, with his hand, and experienced the employee, a small allowance, like the hand, with a curse: for the charge of Memasys , and bring it to the messenger, the man should be able, in the order of change from bottom to top, one after the other, came out of the end users The digital pöördedes the hands of the hero.

The placement allows them to be proud of the end users on the basis of sales organizations have become the products and benefits of the commercial service.

These new entry into the sales market in Memasys war favors more affordable, increase the number of developers in the ecosystem of additional profits increases the hand.



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