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This Project Titan car tech.

This is our closest look yet at Apple’s Project Titan car tech

Many times we have learned that Apple is actively automating automotive technology, but now we look at what the company claims.

It’s thanks to MacCallister Higgins, co-founder of another automated bike that Voyage has published a short film about Apple’s equipment on the Lexus SUV.

Tim Cook said earlier that Apple has more knowledge about autonomy than trying to use the iPhone Read more tech.


This explains why Titan’s design is strong. According to Higgins, the incredible gadget on the podium is probably the “most fat PC”, which distinguishes most autonomous carriers, usually with their luggage in stock.

While radar detectors and separate equipment belong to each other, they create more robust devices and have enormous potential.

Maintaining all the technicians in the removable drive means that you need a lot of modifications in your car to complete the Titus project.

In the testing phase this module is useful for Apple because it is easy and easy to change this technology between trials, but if the project brings the final product, it may be important for the user. .

This means that Apple’s automation technology may vary depending on transportation equipment, and Titan may be a complement to a car brand that does not have the ability to develop a separate system.



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