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How to Enhance Wi-Fi Signal at Home?

Have you ever felt the satisfaction that comes when you ace a task that nobody expectedyou to even perform or the ones that do not come under your domain? For example, the first time I fixed my shower, I had this impending pleasure that defined the diverse skill set I could possess. There is some magic when we can do things that even we did not know we were capable of. It gives pleasure and power at the same time. The internet is the most used utility in the world right now, and so why is it that something being used every day by almost 4.66 billion people around the globe is not understood by the masses? Why do we all not know how to fix it, or at least the basics of it? The motive of this article is to spread awareness and to empower people to work with the internet themselves. I know that the professionals are there for a reason, however, basic know-how is important and every individual should be learned enough to at least work through simple issues.

Before taking any chances with the internal and external body of your devices, check if you are getting the right internet speeds. You can do this by visiting websites like or After finding out your download and upload speeds, compare them with the speed mentioned on your internet bill, if there is a major difference, contact your internet provider. In the event that you find your ISP toying with your internet speeds frequently, it is advisable to sign up with a trustworthy internet provider. To assist you in the process, I recommend you to check out explore the most reasonably priced internet plans being offered without any year-long contractual obligations.

In the event that you are getting the same internet speed as mentioned on the internet bill, it might be time for you to upgrade your internet plan.

Now that the basic step is out of the way, let’s move onto the simple ways through which you can enhance your Wi-Fi signal without any professional assistance. These ways are simple and quick so you can understand and implement them whenever need be.


This is by far the most basic way to fix a poor Wi-Fi signal. In all honesty, the position of your router can have an immense effect on your wireless signal strength. I would suggest that you put the router in a place that is central to all the rooms in the house. Ideally, it can be a corridor on the first floor of your house. Another important thing is to keep it at some height to minimize any signal impedance. Furthermore, do not place your router in a closet, for it can choke the signal range.

Control Quality

Most new routers are equipped with Quality of Service (QoS) features to restrict the number of bandwidth packets applications use.

For instance, you could utilize QoS to focus on video conferences over file-sharing — this way, your call with your sister living abroad would not drop just because your roommate decides to download a heavy file. Some QoS settings even permit you to prioritize different programs during different times of the day.

QoS settings can be easily found under the advanced settings in the network’s admin interface. Some modern routers are designed in a way that you can simplyselect your preferred program for prioritization.


Wireless networks work with radiofrequency in order to transfer data and information. Unlike popular belief, these wireless signals cannot pass through just anything. They do get weakened if any other electronic device shares those radio signals. The list below showcases some of the devices you should not allow near your router.

  • Wireless cameras
  • Electrical cables
  • Microwave
  • Wireless phones
  • Wireless speakers
  • Satellite signal receiver

Taking a gander at the above rundown, it is perceptible that wireless gear is prone to interfere with your wifi signals. If any of the wireless devices are working at a similar rangeas your Wi-Fi router, signal impedance is probably going to happen.

When you are in doubt about such signal impedance, you should start switching off the equipment one by one and then check for any noticeable changes in your signal strength. If you find out a substantial difference in signal strength, you should move that device away from the router.

Purchase a new ROUTER

On the off chance that none of these ways work for you, you may have to confront the hard reality: you need to buy a new router.

Since we all know that the newer versions are almost always better than the older ones, you might want to check out some new routers. Older versions like 802.11n and 802.11g might be the reason that your Wi-Fi is slacking and therefore, you should look into upgrading your router with the newer versions offering 802.11ac or 802.11ax.

The Last Word

All the tips and tricks discussed in this article are so easy that a kid can act on them, and that is the whole point. You do not need to depend on your I.T. professional friend to fix your internet issues every time.

We hope that you have learned from this article and would implement these ways, if and when, needed.



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