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Fleet Camera Systems – New Camera Technology with ADAS by Umbrella

Umbrella Inc., a company that produces fabless semiconductors, has gained a big reputation for AI vision camera processors. The company has just released the much-awaited CV5, an intelligent camera processor that is about to change fleet camera systems. It has the capability of recording 4 4K videos at the same time, which means that all sides of a vehicle are covered, which is especially useful for delivery trucks, which are always on move.

Corporate officials say that CV5 is a system on chip (SoC) meant to change the fleet camera systems by creating digicam programs for multi-imager processing. This means that all 4 4K videos are recorded simultaneously and displayed on one screen, according to the company officials. However, you can still run one 8K video on the same platform.

It is meant to work with the advanced driver assistance system in heavy vehicles such as trucks to encode different video streams. The officials at Umbrella say that it will mainly work with side-view cameras, cabin monitoring, and driver monitoring cameras.

How It Works

All fleet camera systems running under CV5 technology from Umbrella inc. are expected to be powerful, functional, and reliable. The company says that it has taken a lot of research to come up with this fleet camera systems solution. At last, it has been quite a success.

The processor in CV5 relies on a wide range of AI algorithms that are integrated with ADAS such as an advanced signal processor (ASP), which is capable of encoding videos for machine processing and human viewing. Experts say that this will enable the automation of activities in a fleet company. At the same time, fleet managers and supervisors can view recorded videos as they wish.

The CV5 processor is built using advanced 5nm technology, which makes it very energy efficient. The company confirms that it takes about two watts, which is a big plus to companies that are interested in using energy-efficient fleet camera systems.

Uses of CV5 Processors

The CV5 AI vision 5nm processor targets the fleet camera systems. The company says that producers of fleet camera systems such as Eyeride LLC now have a reason to smile because the processor is a game-changer in their industry. It is anticipated that most of these fleet solution providers will take advantage of the 4 4K encoding capability to work with ADAS in trucks, passenger buses, and even smaller fleet vehicles. They have the option of doing a front-facing camera, side view cameras, and cabin view cameras.

This is a big plus because all important areas are covered. The simultaneous recording will help a lot during investigations of events. Through internet connectivity that is now common in fleet camera systems, managers can watch recordings in real-time.

Umbrella Inc. is looking forward to working closely with fleet management solution providers to see how the CV5 will bring numerous changes. The major interest is in how it will work with ADAS and other technologies that are already in place.

Apart from fleet camera systems and ADAS, Umbrella Inc. confirms that the CV5 processor will also be useful in drones. This sector will utilize the single 8K encoding capability for high-quality recordings. But for those who want to have a wide view combining more than one camera in a drone, the 4 4K encoding capabilities will do. Drone companies will take advantage of AI technology to create drones that can do a lot more than providing high-quality footage.

Umbrella Inc. has also confirmed that their processor can be used in the robotic world. AI technology allows devices to identify objects through machine learning just like in the case of robots. The good thing is that there is an option of using up to 4 4K videos, which means that the robots can have a wide-angle view and not miss a thing, including the back.

CV5 is a game-changer in many sectors with automotive being the main beneficially, especially in matters related to fleet camera systems.

Final Word

The CV5 has numerous features that are interesting, but the most fascinating is the fact that it can work seamlessly with ADAS. Worth mentioning, according to Umbrella Inc., is the enhanced security features such as TrustZone.

Senior officials claim that there is a lot more in store about AI vision technology. In the meantime, they advise taking advantage of the CV5, especially in fleet camera systems.



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