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5 Best Methods To Design A Logo For Your Startup

Your business needs branding to establish its position in the market and grow. Branding itself cannot be complete without factoring in logo design for your company. A logo is an essential aspect of the brand as it is the company’s identification and makes your company memorable.

As a startup, you need to stand out to beat the competition in the market. Likewise, your logo, the brand identity, should be unique. You will need to pay attention when creating your logo and ensure that you maintain your branding consistency. You might also want to hire a UI UX design company to create the logo for your startup.

Here are five of the best methods to create a logo for any business.

1. Draw it Yourself

Do you have an artistic talent? Then you can draw your logo the way you want it to be. All you need is an image manipulation program to edit the drawing to use on your website and print it on your merchandise. You can start by drawing your logo on a piece of paper and scan it. You can also take a photo of it if you do not have a scanner and import it to your computer for editing.

Image editors also give you the option to create your images from scratch using your computer mouse on a blank background. You can choose the colors you want to use for your logo straight away. It saves you time editing the image and works better when you do not have all the colors when drawing on paper.

After drawing, you choose a matching font to add text to your logo to match your branding needs. Finalize the logo and make it ready for use by removing the background and adding your desired texture.

2. Canva – DIY Graphic Design

There are several online tools you can use to create a logo for your business. Canva, for instance, is a graphics design solution you can employ to grow your brand in every aspect. Logo design is one of the many things you can do with Canva.

With Canva, you get everything you need to create a stunning logo in minutes. Choose from the collections of icons, fonts, clip arts, and images to use for your logo design needs. You are only limited to your imaginations. Although Canva is free for most design projects, you need a pro version to download a logo with a transparent background.

3. Namecheap Free Logo Maker

Another advantage is that you do not need to sign up to create a free logo on Namecheap. Immediately you open their logo design page. You will see a form where you enter your business name and industry, and you are ready to go. The next step is to choose a font style, color combination, slogan, and icons you would like to use for the logo. Your logo will be ready almost instantly. Pick out one from the presented collection and customize it.

4. Hire a Freelancer Online

Another solution to logo needs is to hire a freelance logo designer online. Choosing an ideal candidate may not be as easy or straightforward as it seems. However, with the various freelancing platforms, you can get a competent logo designer for your startup.

Fiverr is one of the safest platforms you can use to get a reliable logo creator. When you open their website, find a logo designer using their search bar. Use the top listed results to check out their reviews and portfolio. Pick someone with a 5-star rating after many completed projects.

With Fiverr escrow, you will not pay for the logo unless you are pleased with it. You can request revisions so that the design matches your needs, and then you can release the funds to the designer.

5. Branding Agency

Branding agencies can help your business to gain recognition and traction in the industry. Working with a branding agency can solve so many of your concerns because they will do everything you need for the startup to grow. Apart from logos, a branding agency can help you choose matching fonts, colors, website design, and other print solutions to boost your outreach.

When hiring a branding agency, consider your logo requirements as a small part of the package. Therefore, the prices might be higher than your expected cost for logo design. The advantage is that you will get a solution to all your brand creation needs at one point instead of hiring separately for each service.

Summing Up

Logos are essential tools in your branding and business growth. As business identities, you need unique creations that will help your customers to identify you fast. However, you also need a simple logo for easier recognition and memory. You have many options for creating logos. Your choice depends on your budget and current business needs.



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