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Best 6 WebSites to Enjoy Free Webtoon Online in 2021

It took the Korean entertainment industry four decades to have a huge change and dominate all of Asia, from movies, games to comics.  They all invest in and make products with high aesthetics and creativity.In Korea, if you are a game developer, this is a great way to make a lot of money.  of superheroes and put on apple and google play like batman games, spiderman games, ben 10 games, ben 10 aliens, ben 10 omniverse, super mario games, sonic games and submit to platforms like Manygames or Instant gaming  There is a whole chance to profit from global players.

Reading webtoon comics could be some sort of a guilty pleasure. You pay to enjoy exciting, funny and even painful stories, and sometimes cry because of the money you’ve spent on your comics. Now, we give you the ultimate solution to this problem – here are the six most popular sites for you to read comics without spending a dime.

1. Read Free Comics
As expected form its name, Read Comic Online provides countless titles of your favorite Manycomic, tapas and webtoon comics, along with great titles. Their dark interface is cool and easy to navigate. The only drawback here is the appearance of ads, but since it’s free, we can compromise. The true beauty, The Boys Over Flowers, Love Alarm are some of their most viewed titles.

2. Manhwa.info
First impressions? A friendly manhwa websites with lovely introduction of each manhwa issue. No annoying ads or watermark imprinted on the pages. Though manhwa on the site are limited, they are in pretty good quality and many of them are amazing like the famous unOrdinary series.

3. Free Manga
Freemanga.me introduces itself as a “free self-publishing platform”, so don’t disappoint if you see e-books with price tags on the main page. Many users share free well-known webtoon, manga, webcomics, novels and doujins manga on the site, so you just have to dig in a little in the search box, and you may find what you need. They do have ads, but all are book-related, so they are nearly not a problem.

4. Manytoon Comics
This is an alternative to Read Webtoon and Manhwa. Manytoon Comics provides the hottest titles such as Manhwa 18, Mature Webtoon,  and manga doujins. The main page is user-friendly and page loading is decent enough, and ads are unavoidable but acceptable.This is a great site for reading mature webtoon, manhwa and manga, the ability to update quickly and the huge number of stories is impressive.  And if you are a fan of doujins, you cannot ignore this website.  It is one of the top 10 best hentai manhwa sites of all time.  Although it’s advertised a lot, it’s completely free.

5. Yaoi.mobi
The best thing about the site is, it provides free and legal yaoi manga comics. That means copyrighted yaoi comics, no awful quality or annoying watermarks (ads are still there somewhere, though). The website’s interface is like a library, calm and collected, which really refresh your experience. You may find yaoi comic strips of yaoi manga and bl manga as well as cartoonish stories and comics of various genres.

6. Free Comic Online
Freecomiconline.me looks a super webtoon websites and there seems to be more words than images on the main page. They work as a sharing forum, so things run somewhat different here. To get access to free comics, webtoon, manga, manhwa you need to either register or log in and download them. It may sound like hard work, but the site offers lots of retro titles you hardly find anywhere else.

Bonus best 10+ you can read yaoi and bl websites in 2021

1 – Webtoon Line
2 – Lezhin Comics
3 – Tapas Entertainment
4 – Manytoon Comics
6 – Tappytoon
7 – NetComics
8 – Mangahentai.me
9 – Yaoi.mobi
10 – Freecomiconline.me
11 – Lezhin Comics
12 – Manhwahentai.me
13- Webtoon.uk
14- Readfreecomics.com
15- Freemanga.me



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