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Why You Should Hire A Commercial Electrician for Your Business Space

Commercial buildings are huge structures that are built with some neat and intricate planning. While certain parts of these buildings like walls and pillars are robust, others are quite fragile. The electrical system of any commercial building is highly intricate but also quite delicate. Not only do these systems consist of some high-tech and powerful electrical paraphernalia, but also very complex wiring. Because of the nature of these buildings and the electrical equipment they accommodate, the smallest of faults within the electrical system can have some disastrous results. Therefore, hiring a commercial electrician to perform electrical work in these buildings becomes a must.

Who is a Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is a type of electrician who specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical equipment and electrical systems in commercial buildings. They are highly trained in electrical works like wiring and conducting, setting up and managing complicated HT and LT panels, and installing the lighting and cooling solutions within these buildings.

Which Services Do Commercial Electricians Provide?

These electricians specialize in electrical work within commercial buildings, and therefore provide a plethora of services like-

  • Installation of equipment like lighting fixtures, fans, air conditioners, distribution boards, etc.
  • Wiring and conducting, as well as rewiring.
  • Installation of security alarms, switch-sockets, HT, and LT panels.
  • Installing electrical systems based on blueprints, sometimes even designing of these systems.
  • Testing of electrical equipment and electrical system and checking that the safety requirements are met.
  • Repair and maintenance of electrical systems and electrical equipment.

Do note that this is not an exhaustive list. Commercial buildings require a huge number of electrical services, and therefore making a comprehensive list here is quite impracticable.

Why Hire A Commercial Electrician?

Large commercial buildings like malls, warehouses, and office complexes have very different structures than residential buildings and industrial buildings. While the purposes commercial buildings fulfill can vary, they share some similarities when it comes to the electrification work and installation of electrical equipment.

The electrical systems within these buildings carry a much higher voltage than those you would find in residential buildings. The distribution boards and lighting and cooling solutions are more elaborate. Not only is the electrical equipment employed huge in number, but frequently, also huge.

This makes these electrical systems highly risky. One fault in the wiring can lead to the entire building being bereft of power for days. Or one short circuit can lead to the entire building being set ablaze.

This is why you need to make sure that the people responsible for the installation and maintenance of these complex electrical systems are extremely qualified and specifically trained in the installation and management of electrical systems in commercial buildings.

Commercial electrician is just the professional whom you should approach. Their experience and specialization in commercial buildings are sure to benefit you.

During their apprenticeship, they are introduced to electrification work in commercial buildings. Once they are experienced enough in the field, they earn the title of a commercial electrician. This is why many of these commercial electricians become electrical engineers and draft plans for the electrification of commercial buildings.

Hence, hiring them for installation, repair, maintenance, and testing commercial buildings becomes a no-brainer.

Conclusion You are now aware of the kind of services that a commercial electrician can provide you with. Therefore, you know whom to approach for your electrical servicing needs if you own or work in a commercial building.  But make sure the electrician should be experienced and licensed to carry out such a risky job.



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