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What Email Drip Campaigns Are and Why They Matter To Customer Engagement

The process of sending triggered sequences of emails with relevant product information to the customers and leads and converting them into sales funnel is referred to as email drip marketing. It is also commonly named as marketing automation, trigger emails, lifecycle emails, automated emails, and email drip campaigns. The emails can be customized to send automated messages with the help of triggers thanks to which customers can receive your emails. If you want to know what exactly email drip campaigns are and why they matter to customer engagement, this article will drive you through the details.


One of the main advantages of emails is that with their help you can reach any aim. The drip emails can drive the recipients to visit your website, download the white paper or finally make a purchase. For example, if the customer would like to receive your company’s newsletter or opt to join the mailing list, you need to send the welcome email marketing campaign with immediate effect. In a day, another email is to be sent and even a week later you can forward the third email by educating or reminding them with regards to your services and products. All this is better to be done automatically by email drip campaign tools, not manually. When the trigger works out, the next email is sent. Cool, yeah?

Importance of customer engagement

Below, you will find a few reasons why email drip campaigns are important for customer engagement.

Address specific audiences

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work anymore especially when we talk about targeting. If your organization has the ability to offer a wide range of services and products appealing to different groups of people, then you need to concentrate on different customer segments that have unique characteristics. For example, if you are running a musical organization, then your students may vary depending upon their skill sets, age, and even their interests.


Customer engagement can be maximized by creating personalized messages that may especially address the requirements of individual groups. The musical organization may send various competitions offers and skillset improvement plans to the kids’ parents and promote their student’s performances as well. The revenue will be generated from the email segmentation and ensure that you are delivering the relevant promotion and offers to the recipients.

Various testing processes

Every business has its own unique customers. Initially, you need to experiment or run a testing phase with different strategies by delivering a wide range of email drives about your business for customer engagement and check which one succeeds. With regards to email marketing, this type of experiment is known as A/B Testing.


The organization has to decide and customize two similar email drip campaign versions but with slight differences. Both versions have to be compared in their performance and you need to choose the one that shows better results. The differences can be any: email sending time, different subject lines, plain-text or picture-based emails, etc. With your best practices, learn the higher sales and follow the same to customize more effective campaigns for future use.

Customize the email messages

Customization matters. Just think of two emails, the one with personalization variables that create the feeling of being treated specially and the sense as if the email was composed and sent to you only, and another of a generalized character addressing you by “Hi everyone!”. Which email will you be more favorable to?


So avoid sending bulk impersonal emails, be polite and send highly-personalized messages only. People are more welcoming to them. Create personalized email subject lines, attract the recipients’ attention by it, and make them be easily understood by the prospects.


You can also make use of an email hunter for better results. With its help, you will find the leads’ information to help you create customized messages.

Inspire action

Most people are overwhelmed by seeing numerous emails in their inboxes. The customer’s life will be easier when you use email drip campaigns. By customizing both the subject line and the email body, you will clearly make the recipients understand the message and it will be easier for them to convert. Ask a question, announce a promotional offer, teach them how to use your service, etc. All in all, step by step, push leads to conversion and nurture the clients with the help of email drip campaigns.



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