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MilesWeb Review: Malaysia’s Affordable Unlimited Reseller Hosting Provider in 2019

Web hosting creates good business opportunities.Well we will be discussing about how reseller hosting is best to start and how it can benefit you in earning without any vast technical knowledge. In, reseller hosting you simply need to buy  the reseller hosting package from good hosting company and then create your own hosting plans and later you can sale it to customers. Making use of reseller hosting plans, you can start a web hosting business without investing highand just with a basic web hosting knowledge and you can start with cpanel reseller hosting.  In, reseller hosting the account ownerrents out some portion of the disk space and bandwidth to third party.

Throughreseller hosting,the organization or a firm purchasesweb space that is packaged, rebranded and sold under its own brand name.Depending upon the web hosting provider each reseller host offers a control panelto manage your reseller accounts WHMCS Reseller hosting.

Reseller host handles billing and technical support. Reseller hosting allows a third-partyto act as a web hosting provider without the requirement to operate and manage a web hosting infrastructure.You simply need to buy a cheap reseller hosting package, with which you can create your own hosting packages and prices accordingly and start selling. If you want to start your reseller hosting business then you can start with MilesWebreseller hosting.

In reseller hosting, the account ownersare not required to have any extensive knowledge about web hosting. There are many reseller hosting providers but you need to go with the best reseller hosting which makes your work easy and safe.

“Be your own boss with MilesWeb Reseller” –


MilesWeb – India’s best and reliable hosting provider offers unlimited reseller hosting. The benefits they offer include free WHMCS, white label reselling free domain reseller account, payment gateway, free migration and custom branding. With unlimited plan they provide free WHMCS, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, cPanel and softaculous, unlimited MYSQL DB’s, unlimited email accounts. MilesWeb is one of the India’s best reseller hosting provider that offers fast, reliable and affordable hosting provider.        

MilesWeb Reseller hosting

MilesWeb hosting offers three types of reseller hosting – Unlimited Linux, Unlimited WindowsReseller and Cheap Linux Reseller hosting.

You can create packages of your own choice and resell at the prices decided by you, keeping your profit.

Reseller hosting features provided by MilesWeb are –



WHMCS is a web hosting automation tool specially designed for people running a web hosting business. It is for billing and support portal. It is known as one client management.


MilesWeb gives you the opportunity to become a domain reseller and sell more than 400extensions as well as TLDS.  It is free so, you don’t have to pay extra for setting up a domain reseller account.


You can do the payment to them with the free payment gateways. They don’t charge anything extra from the customer. they accept debt,credit card and net banking payments.

  • 100%WHITE LABELED –White labeled allows you to use customs DNS, brand your control panel, use anonymous server name and more. You can start you own reseller hosting business.



MilesWeb offers datacenter choice which is located in India, USA, United Kingdomand Romania.You can choose location according to your choice.


They protect you from malware by auto scaling on daily basis and you don’t have to worry about threats.


Anyone can build a free website, with the website builder. You don’t need to have technical skills nor the programming knowledge.

  • WHM

With WHM, you get complete control to manage your client accounts, unlimited websites, etc.

  • cPanel/Plesk Control Panel

cPanel helps in easy management of emails, domains, databases and files.Special skillsare not required and you can easily handle all the things.


One click installer, allows you to install WordPress, Drupal, MagentoJoomla, and more than 400 apps with one click installer.

ConclusionReseller hosting is indeed a great option to start your own reseller hosting business. You can start your reseller hosting business with one of the best hosting company which tends to offer quality service to the customers with affordable hosting. No, doubt reseller hosting is the best way to make your own mark and earn handsome money.  MilesWeb offers world class services to the customers.You can choose MilesWeb for running your hosting business efficiently and effectively.




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