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Use digital education technology in peer school today

It is puzzling: more than 60 percent of first-graders will someday work in jobs that have not yet been established.

We can not even imagine the kinds of jobs that might be exactly, but one thing is certain: it will be about technology. That’s why every child needs to learn how to use technology.

It is important to note right away that this tremendous focus on the use of technology does not mean that teachers will become less important and completely contradicted. The technology here is to be used as a tool by teachers and enable them to present lessons in a way that the old analog school can not, and which is still stuck in the last century, simply at the moment. The teacher is indispensable as the strongest motivator already in place to make children learn, using the latest technology or not.

Examples of the use of education technology in practice include, for example, the integration of rich media and resources through the Internet as a means of accessing knowledge. Games can be used up to the learning technology, especially adaptive programs that are made to be highly interactive. Classroom assessment tools can enable teachers to identify gaps in their students’ knowledge immediately and customize their education accordingly. Data analysis and management tools can provide valuable feedback to help teachers and school leaders better manage information.

Some studies have found that when technology is involved in learning, students are more involved in acquiring knowledge. Because the technology in the classroom provides specialized learning, students are likely to join the fight against their peers when they can use the technology of education and Interest synonym.

Of course, it is impossible to talk about education technology without mentioning, for example, e-learning and the MOOC course (large open Internet courses). They give students around the world unprecedented access to the best schools and best teachers available today. At present, MOOCs are used in higher education almost exclusively, but in the not too distant future, they may be used from kindergartens!

It is difficult to emphasize enough how important it is to integrate modern education technology and everything it can offer (we are just beginning to scratch the surface on its uses and potential advantages) in today’s school.

Technology spending in schools is rising steadily every year, and worldwide. Mobile technology, such as tablets and laptops, contributes to this rise.




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