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Best DevOps Tools That Businesses Should Look To Use

DevOps may have been available for the last one decade, but it is still trending today. Companies that want to improve their financial bottom line should consider adopting this technology. DevOps refers to a software engineering methodology that brings together software developers (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) with the aim of reducing software development life cycle while delivering fixes, updates, and features to businesses. However, the term was first used in 2008 with the goal of unifying software developers and operations professionals so that they can create applications faster, thus providing continuous benefits to end users. Today, the technology’s main characteristic is to automate the processes between IT operations and software development teams so that they can create, test and release applications reliably and faster.

The numbers

You don’t have to look far to see the impact this technology has had in organizations. DevOps has helped big companies such as Amazon and Netflix develop top-notch applications, which has resulted in tremendous success. These two household name companies boast of large customer bases that demand advanced accessibility and service. DevOps is the software methodology that has helped them meet the demands of their ever-growing customers. The numbers behind this technology look quite promising. Analysts predict that its market size will grow from $8.8 billion (as of 2013) to $12.85 billion (by 2025), while the market size is expected to grow at a rate of 19% come 2020.


The best tools

If your company is looking to adopt this technology, you might be wondering what are the most secure and reliable tools to use. There are quite a number of good and proven DevOps tools that companies can use to improve their productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the best tools that are relevant, secure, and reliable.


This tool is used for monitoring of repetitive tasks which allows engineering teams to quickly integrate project changes, and access outputs for faster identification of problems.


Selenium is a portable and free open source tool used for web applications. It comes with an easy interface that you can use to develop automated tests. With this tool, you can use multiple platforms for testing like Android and iOS.


Docker is a lightweight tool that lets you ship, build and run your software anywhere. It uses Docker container to package the app before shipping it as a package. You can ship the container to your team, QA or even cloud as you wish.


This is a software platform that allows you to search, analyze, visualize and store machine-generated logs or data from applications, devices or websites. Splunk comes with a feature that monitors business metrics so that business owners can get log insights.



DevOps improves team collaborations which lead to an increase in transparency during decision making. The benefit of this is that we have a stable and more reliable operating environment. When defects are detected and corrected early, customers will enjoy robust features and great services from the apps that have been developed.




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