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Take Note Of The Newer Tools And Trends to Improve SEO

Search engines are getting advanced with time, and so are SEO experts getting more conscious about the advancement and changes, and are adapting to the changes with new measures for getting better results optimisation. In the process, you cannot ignore the emergence of new search engines which starts to get used enough to create some buzz. The new trend followed by many users who are getting fascinated about some nice features in new age search engines must be included in the parameters which influence SEO tactics.

One of the emerging names in search engines is DuckDuckGo. This search engine has been performing better with time, and hence SEO experts who never gave in any thought about it some two years back have now started to consider the role of DuckDuckGo in searches.

What is the buzz about DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo has succeeded in creating some buzz recently as the year 2018 closed with search metrics of 9 billion searches through the year. This is a huge figure, although when you compare it to Google, then you would find that Google gets searches more than a trillion in a year. Hence although comparatively minuscule, but some features in this new search engine are promising, and hence search marketers and SEO experts are not ignoring the search engine.

What is making DuckDuckGo popular slowly?

Without a strong reason, a search engine that is new cannot get popularity when so many search engines came, fought and went off in the strong empire of Google dominated web world. That is why there must be some strong reason that is making this search engine being used by some users. Who are the users using the search engine, and why? Well, the answer to that is, they are users who look for privacy and do not want their searches to be copied, tracked, and follow them everywhere and anywhere.

It’s a known fact that Google services are omnipresent and multi-featured. Naturally the user surfing pattern, searches, preferred pages, and everything gets noted, tracked, and accordingly, results are also displayed. Ads also get displayed based on that. This just means if you have to know what kind of things the user is viewing, using, and surfing and searching, you just have to follow the featured ads being displayed on the user’s device together with the Google search result pages and suggested pages etc. and as the user you may not like to get tracked. Even in incognito mode, many users do not feel secure about their privacy. And this entire privacy concern is claimed to be taken care of by the new search engine DuckDuckGo. That is why users concerned fully about their privacy are turning towards this new tool and giving it a try. Those who are getting it as good and comfortable as their previously used search tool are continuing with the use. That is how till date the popularity of the search engine grew from zero to where it is today.

The progress from 2016 to 2018

Through 2016 to 2018, DuckDuckGo saw some good progress in their searches. Till date, they received more than 25 billion searches. In one day, till date, the highest number of search queries were 34406841, and this figure was reached very recently in the 2ndof January 2019. The progress from 5915745384 searches in 2017 to 9239676317 in 2018 is prominent. It’s basically for private searches that this search engine started getting preference.

And that is why the likely rise in the traffic and searches in DuckDuckGo have made SEO experts have started including this search engine as well in their SEO and marketing planning. That’s because although the market share of DuckDuckGo is tiny at present, there is evidence from figures that the scenario may change within a few years even in the Google-dominated web world.

The connection of Yelp with DuckDuckGo

Some SEO experts started noting that for local searches Yelp is working well, and for local queries, the Yelp rank is worth noting and helps. And they deduced that when a site which is related to a local business is optimised for Yelp, then its visibility improves and increases in DuckDuckGo.

Other metrics

Some surveyors noticed that when DuckDuckGo is compared to Bing, then the performance of the former is better in some areas like user engagement and bounce rate. Also, the users using the new search engine are much more conscious about technology and privacy, and this promises more like-minded users for the new tool in the coming years.Sydney SEO expert cum visionaries realize the fact, and hence they are working towards including this search engine too in their latest optimisation strategies.

Keeping note of such changes

Many such changes are coming to the world of SEO. Many new tools and online applications are getting introduced to the web world which has their share in bringing forth a website before users in various ways based on their set parameter. If these new changes are not noted, tracked, and understood for better optimisation on their ground, then the SEO expert may never cope up with the competition. It’s good to stay updated with whatever new and effective is getting added to the web world. The SEO and digital marketing professional who does not note these changes would never be able to stay updated.


SEO and marketing are all about observation. If the service provider is updated, they will be able to give the best. Otherwise, you would get an average service from an average SEO service. Taking into note the smallest yet promising factor that may emerge to become bigger realities in the future, is the work of a visionary. And a good visionary who is doing SEO can become a great strategist. Hence, look for such features in your SEO service provider and look through their work with other existing clients. Then only you can choose one of the best SEO experts for your own website’s optimisation at best.




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