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Resolve: The File Outlook.Pst Cannot Be Accessed – Data Error 0x80040116

The file Outlook.pst Cannot be Accessed: Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check

I am using Windows 10 and Outlook 2013 on my local machine. Yesterday, when I tried to open Outlook, I got a pop-up stating ‘the file Outlook.pst cannot be accessed’ and generates an error code: 0x80040116. I do not know what exactly has happened? I need to access my PST file as it contains lots of important data in it. Can you please tell me how I can fix this error and get MS Outlook back in a normal functioning state?

Microsoft Outlook is the dominating email client, which makes sending/ receiving emails incredibly simple and easy for the users. Due to its user-friendly interface, it becomes popular among millions of users.  However, no application is free from errors and same is the case with Outlook data file (.pst). Sometimes, while working, Outlook users start receiving errors that hamper even their ongoing task in between. In most of the cases, users encountered an error when PST file becomes corrupt. PST file is the most crucial part of Outlook containing complete mailbox data in it. Even a small issue in PST file can make it inaccessible for the users. Moreover, it starts generating error messages like “the file Outlook.pst cannot be accessed. data error- 0x80040116”. All such type of cyclic redundancy check errors always leaves users with a question in their mind that why this error occurs. Thus, to make it more clear to the users, this post discussed all possible reasons behind “Outlook PST could not be accessed cyclic redundancy check error” and how it can be fixed without any data loss.

What is the Reason Behind Outlook Error 0x80040116?

If a user is facing such kind of error while accessing PST file in MS Outlook, then there must be some reason behind it. Thus, this section of the post will let users know the same:

  • If header file of PST file gets corrupt, then it might result in an inaccessible PST file.
  • Large size Outlook data file is also one of the reasons behind this error.
  • Improper termination of Microsoft Outlook application
  • Corruption in Outlook data file (.pst).
  • PST file is stored on a damaged hard drive

The most common reason that leads to this error is corruption in PST file. It further leads to unrecoverable data loss. Therefore, it becomes really important for the user to fix this error as soon as possible.

Fix “The File Outlook.Pst Cannot Be Accessed. Data Error- 0x80040116” Manually

In order to overcome this Microsoft Outlook PST file cannot be accessed, there are various manual tricks available that one can try. All of them are discussed below:

1: Create a New Outlook Profile

  1. First of all, go to Control panel in the local machine
  2. Then, click on the Mail button and a Mail Setup Outlook window will appear on the screen
  3. After that, click on the Show Profiles button in order to view the list of all configure in Outlook
  4. Now, choose the desired profile and click on the Properties button
  5. Next, you have to click on the Data Files button
  6. Then, go to Data Files tab and make it a default data file by clicking on Set as Default option
  7. After that, in the Account Settings window, click on Email tab and then on New button in order to create a new profile
  8. Click on the E-mail Account radio button as email service and then on Next button
  9. Then, enter all the necessary information such as like name, email address, password, etc.
  10. This way a new profile is created for Outlook. Now, set this profile as a default by clicking Always use this profile option

2: Repair Corrupt PST File via Inbox Repair Tool

  1. To start the process, you need to exit the Microsoft Outlook application first
  2. Now, simply click on the to (C:) Drive –> Program Files. Here, click on Microsoft Office  –> Office –> SCANPST
  3. Next, Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Window is displayed. Click on the Browse button

(image: inbox repair -browse(1).png)

Tech New UK4.  After that, choose the desired PST file and click on the Start button to begin the scanning process

(image: inbox repair -scan(2).png)

5. A consistency check on PST file is performed by scanpst.exe

6. Here, a window will appear displaying the location of PST file with the folders found in that file

Note: Always make sure that “Make the backup of scanned file before repairing” option is checked before starting the recovery process

(image: inbox repair -repair(3).png)

7. Next, click on the Repair button and begin the PST file repairing process

8. As the process is finished, Repair complete message will pop-up on the display screen. Click on the OK button and exit the application.

Drawbacks of Using Manual Tricks to Resolve Error Code- 0x80040116

There are some limitations that a user might face while using the manual approaches to fix ‘the file Outlook.pst cannot be accessed error:

  • It is unable to fix header and directory structure related issues
  • There might be a runtime error
  • Unable to fix major level corruption issues in PST file
  • Unable to recover deleted data from PST file.

Simple, Quick, and Reliable Fix: The File Outlook.pst Cannot be Accessed Error
In order to overcome the limitations of manual tricks and to have a guaranteed solution, one is suggested to use some third-party tool. The SysTools Outlook PST Repair software to repair corrupted Outlook PST files is one such application that is famous among the users in delivering satisfactory results. It repairs PST file from all type of corruption issues (minor or major level corruption). It recovers deleted data from PST file in just a few simple clicks. A user can install and run this application on any version of Microsoft Windows OS.


To attain normal functioning of Microsoft Outlook, it is necessary to have a healthy PST file free from all type of viruses and corruption. “The file Outlook.pst cannot be accessed. data error – 0x80040116”, which mainly faced by users whenever there is some corruption issue in PST file. Thus, to know how to troubleshoot corruption in Outlook refer the various manual as well as automated methods discussed above.



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