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How Do MOLLE Pouches Attach?

Have you heard of MOLLE but are unsure exactly what it is? You are aware that it is tactical, but that is all. Even the most basic rucksack or backpack becomes more functional thanks to MOLLE, making it easier to rapidly reach the necessary equipment. 

Describe MOLLE.

Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, sometimes known as MOLLE, was developed in the 1990s as a replacement for ALICE, or All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment. The military has long prioritized finding effective means for soldiers to transport their equipment without jeopardizing the equipment’s integrity or the soldier’s ability to participate in combat.

This was done during the American Civil War using a variety of crude straps and buckles that weren’t very effective because they weren’t very strong and prone to breaking, and the equipment being attached but not properly secured caused three issues:

  • When the warriors’ various metal equipment clashed, there was a possibility of breakage.
  • The enemy would be alerted to their approach by the clanging noises.
  • The swinging weight distribution would compromise the soldier’s equilibrium, which would also lead to long-term back issues.

What are MOLLE pouches?

A MOLLE system pouch is a particular accessory that you can attach to a vest or main pack to store everyday or specialized things. Pouches come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and color and pattern combinations. They can also be horizontal or vertical.

Depending on what is to be stored in the pouch, they might also vary in depth. Some pouches have internal divisions that create distinct sections. A few are more cushioned, waterproof, or even submersible.

In challenging circumstances, the pouch is securely held by strong straps. All of the attachments are hidden beneath the bag, which means nothing can catch on something and pull it open. Even in times of conflict, this interlocking technology has shown to be quite dependable.

How do I attach MOLLE pouches and accessories?

  1. Choose the location for the item and check that there is enough webbing to accommodate the accessory’s number of straps. Some pouches are arranged horizontally, while others are vertically positioned.
  2. Release the straps from the accessory you want to attach to the main unit.
  3. Insert each strap through the PALS webbing’s first (topmost) hole.
  4. After that, thread each strap back through the accessory’s top webbing hole. When there is no more room on the strap, continue threading the strap through the webbing while switching back and forth between the accessory and the main pack. Because it is linked at numerous spots, this results in a weave that is exceptionally robust and long-lasting.
  5. Snap, button, or otherwise fasten the strap to the main pack.
  6. Verify that the strap is securely fastened. If you pull on it firmly, it should not come off.

An additional use for MOLLE

MOLLE has a wide range of applications outside of tactical military or law enforcement activities. It’s excellent for your daily carry bag. By using MOLLE, you can more easily adapt your configuration and improve the interior capacity of your backpack or pack.

It is suitable for hunters as well lets you carry extra ammunition as well as the equipment required to field dress animals, such as a knife.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate MOLLE as well. Hikers can make storage arrangements in their backpacks. If you’re inventive, the possibilities for using this equipment are endless. There are also MOLLE pouches designed specifically to carry the water bottle that let you attach it to the exterior of your bag. These pouches liberate priceless storage space for additional essential equipment and supplies.


To assist you in connecting anything you need to your main pack or vest, there are several accessories available. If you can, purchase authorized gear because it typically lasts the longest.

An effective and adaptable modular system is required for tactical, law enforcement, and military units in order to attach equipment to a primary pack or vest. The old ALICE system requires updates like MOLLE and PALS. The time is right for an upgrade this year.



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