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Know the minimum internet speed required to connect to the Internet

One of the many changes that the Covid pandemic has generated in the world is the way we connect day to day with our loved ones, work colleagues, study and others. We are still teleworking, students learning online, having fun or even social gatherings online.

But how do these changes affect internet consumption? Perhaps it was lower before and we have been forced to increase it under an increase in the contracted rate.

For everyday use of the Internet at home, a minimum speed of 10 Mb/s is considered convenient. Additionally, if you want to play games or watch the top 10 Netflix movies in 2021 in high definition, a minimum necessary speed between 20 Mb/s and 50 Mb/s should be considered. For group video calls either for work, study or social connection at least 1 Mb/s is needed.

The most important thing is to know what speed the operators are delivering in our cell phones or home through a Speedtest to be able to evaluate the results with the navigation speed we have contracted and if it is enough for our needs.

If it is not possible to improve the speed, it is recommended to install network extenders so that the devices with more internet use, such as computers and televisions to watch streaming videos, are connected via cable and not Wifi. In this way, a better distribution of the use of the contracted gigabytes is achieved.



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