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Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website with Easy to Install WordPress Instagram Plugins!

You probably want your WordPress business website to attract as many internet users as possible. It enables you to introduce them to your brand product which you are selling in the market. You even be able to tempt some of them to make a purchase. Only then can you expect a significant increase in online traffic. In the process, you also are building up a large target audience. This can boost your site’s rankings on the result pages of search engines. You should also be considering ways to integrate it with your organization’s Instagram profile. After all, it is one of the most popular social media networking platforms available. Drawing the attention of one billion people can be quite an achievement for you. Taking such a step can work wonders for your establishment in the long-run. This is the reason why you should be making proper use of WordPress Instagram plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins 2018

Experts specializing in this field say having a business profile on Instagram has its advantages. The images you upload with your blog posts make your business website more appealing to your customers. After all, you have come across the saying ‘a picture conveys a thousand words’ at some point in your life. It can enlarge your existing customer base in the market. This can prove to be instrumental in boosting your revenues and bottom-line profits. However, combining such photos and videos to your WordPress site is no easy task. It can prove to be a challenge. This is where WordPress Instagram plugins come into the picture.

Is it necessary to install WordPress Instagram plugin?

Most business owners may consider installing such software applications to their websites to be a waste of time. You may share the same view if you don’t have a background in computers and engineering. However, they are wrong. WordPress Instagram plugins are essential for your site. They collect relevant images from your organization’s Instagram profile and showcases them on your business website. You also don’t have to be a genius to install them. You have to follow the user-friendly instructions. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of installing too many of them. Just select the ones you need. Otherwise, members of your target audience are going to have problems browse through your website. This is because it becomes too slow to download.

You need to remember WordPress Instagram plugins fall under two categories. These are free and premium versions. You can download some of these software applications without having to pay a single cent. However, you do not get the necessary support you need to install them. This is not the case with the premium versions. After installing the required plugins, you need to choose a suitable user account. This allows you to import the images you want to display on WordPress website from the Instagram profile. When doing so, you should remember to give the necessary instructions to get the results you desire. The photo feed also allows you to edit the photos and videos you are exhibiting to your clients.

WordPress Instagram

Some experts say the above tasks can do prove to be a tall order for many entrepreneurs. You could be one of them. In such a case, you could consider seeking help from creditable service providers like such a step can prove to be beneficial to you in the long-run. It can be instrumental in boosting the number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ your website gets from Instagram followers. This is something which you want for your business.

Top 4 Popular WordPress Instagram plugins for entrepreneurs

These specialists point out the following 4 most popular WordPress Instagram plugin you should consider installing on your website:


Entrepreneurs who want to make their mark in the market love this simple WordPress Instagram plugin. Its average ratings from ardent users will not fail to impress you. It is not very difficult to install, activate and import images from the source file. You can showcase such pictures, photos, and videos on your website according to different categories. These could include location, specific ‘likes’ from your clients and hashtags. You also get the opportunity to adjust such images by using a variety of display options. In some cases, you are at liberty to exclude content which you feel is not necessary for your online viewers. To make your website compatible with smartphones users, it can integrate it with a suitable ‘Visual Composer’ platform.

Enjoy Instagram

Trying to sell a brand product on the market is never an easy task. You need to ensure the images you post on your website stand out to impress your customers. Only then will they think of making purchasing it. This is where WordPress Instagram plugin ‘Enjoy Instagram’ can help you out. You can avail many user-friendly options to manage and edit the content you displace on your site. Some of the most popular are grid, lightbox, carousel or grid mode.

Instagram Feed

This unique WordPress Instagram plugin gives you the option to showcase your content from different sources. The images you select can come from a consolidated feed or many separate ones. With the aid of user-friendly shortcodes, you can customize your display outlay according to your needs. This includes adjusting the color component, size, and spacing.

WD Instagram Feed

You need to import the images you wish to display on your website from multiple sources. If this is the case, then WD Instagram Feed should be your first choice. You can view such photos in either thumbnails or lightbox format. You may also opt to include a caption if the need arises. With this plugin, you can retrieve the content you need from your Instagram profile in a matter of seconds.

Many entrepreneurs find operating a business website it is a time-consuming process. They need to update and edit the content regularly they upload for their target audience. Only then will they be able to attract the attention of such individuals. By integrating their Instagram profile with WordPress, they can enjoy numerous benefits. The popular social media networking platform makes their site appealing to such customers while WordPress makes blogging easy. Installing and using any one of above 4 popular WordPress Instagram plugins can help them achieve this objective.



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