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5 New Gadgets of 2018 You Might Not Know About

Gadgets and gizmos are a defining feature of this century. Don’t you agree?

The progress of technology itself flows through them. Markets are brimming with such smartly designed products. Not only that, you as a digital consumer have come to rely on them for your own well-being. And why shouldn’t you? They take half the burden off of your shoulders and make your daily life as smooth and convenient as possible.

Take, for instance, a smartwatch, which can keep track of your calorie count while you go on your usual evening jogs around the park. Similarly, a remotely controlled drone allows you to capture the beauty of nature’s best wonders from afar and gives you a chance to nab that photography contest for real. And quite brilliantly, a wireless charger removes the hassle of wires and enables you to juice up your smartphone even on the subway. Many more examples abound. The point is, your life cannot be the same without the presence of these useful gadgets and gizmos.

5 New Coolest Gadgets

Which brings us to 2018, and what’s in store for us this year.

What products and marvels lie in wait to be unveiled? Let’s find out.

Following is a list of the top five new products for this year that you might not know about, but will want to purchase once you reach the end of the post. Check them out below.

Covert Camera:

ACTi Q111

You can never be too careful when it comes to security—whether physical or cyber—in the present world. Crime rate’s ever going on the high, which is why you need to update your protective game with a hidden camera, installed in a sneaky corner of your home or office. This will come especially handy in case you hire a nanny or when you wish to keep an eye on your confidential files at the office. A covert camera can pose as a usual everyday thing, like a wall-mounted USB charger, and record everything in its range. In this way, you can stay aware of your personal spaces and feel safer.

Fingernail Sensor:

Fingernail Sensor

With the gradual depletion of ozone and the increasing intensity of the sun’s rays, the world as we know it is getting hotter by the minute, and unpredictably harmful. For instance, a prolonged exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays can result in countless skin diseases. So, the next time you venture out to soak some golden rays on the beach, be aware of the UV exposure.

A sensor will totally come handy here. That is why, this year, L’Oréal has announced the release of a smart UV sensor, which can easily be worn on a fingernail. This sensor will track the wearer’s UV exposure and send the information wirelessly via an NFC antenna to an app on the user’s smartphone, which will then send alerts accordingly. How cool is that?!

Sleep Headband:

Sleep Headband

When was the last time you actually slept soundly at night? Can’t remember, can you? It is because you probably haven’t. With an insurmountable stress hanging on your shoulders 24/7, how can you even sleep a dreamless sleep? You have trouble drifting off, which takes up most of the night. And, when you do wake up in the morning, you feel more tired and drowsy, which ultimately lowers your energy and productivity throughout the following day.

However, there is a technological cure for this conundrum. Philips has released a headband, which emits smart waves to help you get the most out of your sleep. It allows you to smoothly drift off, and when you enter deep sleep, it releases slow tones which helps relax the brain activity. In turn, you wake up feeling refreshed and well-slept.

Magnetic Jewelry:

Magnetic Jewelry

Do you know the best thing about gadgets and gizmos is that each and every article comes with an especially laden purpose? Yes. Similar is the case with these bio-magnetic ear stick-on. Seemingly, they may look like any other piece of fashionable jewelry to wear on a regular basis, but their smart design incorporates acupuncture technology. Who would’ve thought?

These slim ear stickers, magnetic in nature, put the right amount of pressure on a famed acupoint in your earlobe, which is known for stimulating blood flow and aiding in the weight loss. And they come for as low as $2 on the virtual market! Order this product online over your Charter Spectrum network, and get back in shape without having to go to the dreaded gym.

PC Key:

PC Key

What with so many responsibilities and tasks on your hands, you oftentimes forget to lock your laptops and computers when you make a quick break for the loo. Happens to the best of us, don’t worry. But, this little hiccup leaves your confidential data and private access exposed, making you vulnerable to cybercrime and putting your job in jeopardy. That is why you need a gadget which can lock and unlock your PC automatically by sensing your presence and absence. Lucky for you, such a gadget exists and goes by the name of Halberd. Check it out.

So, now that you’ve familiarized yourself with these new products, get your hands on them ASAP to stay technologically up-to-date.



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