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How to repair a chandelier?Get tips here!

I believe there are all kinds of lights in every home. When used for a long time, some lamps will always be damaged. Many homes have chandelier in the living room, which will inevitably be damaged after long use. At this time we need to repair the living room chandeliers. But many people do not know how to repair the living room chandelier. Then, let me introduce to you the maintenance method of the living room chandelier.

Come to understand the composition of the chandelier. The lamps have different powers and sizes, and each has its own corresponding power driver. For example, a 3W LOHAS e12 led light bulb for living room chandelier needs a stable output of 3W to drive the internal structure of the living room chandelier. If you are interested, you can take a look at it, it is very simple. The 3W living room chandelier is three 1W small lights connected in parallel. General drive and living room chandelier lights have fixed interfaces. 

The chandelier in the living room is not lit. The other reasons are not mentioned (don’t say no power). If there is electricity, 220v household power is not turned on. If it is not lit, then either the drive is broken or the led light itself is broken. So try to get a good driver and living room chandelier. The living room chandeliers are all on the ceiling. We need a small ladder or stool to access it, but how do we remove it? I did this: insert a small suction cup on the screwdriver, use the suction cup to suck the bottom of the living room chandelier, and suck it down easily.

Take care when the living room chandelier is taken off, there are two spring buckles on the back, don’t hurt yourself. Remember! Power is off. No joke. Remove the living room chandelier (replace the good living room chandelier, if it is on, then the replaced living room chandelier is broken, if it is still not on), then remove the drive, and use the tape to stick the good drive and power cord Seal and connect the living room chandelier lamp to the driver. If it is on, the driver is broken. Both the driver and the living room chandelier are available for purchase. It is best not to wash the lamps with water, just wipe them with a dry cloth dipped in water. If you accidentally touch the water, try to wipe them dry. Do not wipe them with a wet cloth immediately after turning on the lamp, because the bulb will burst when it is exposed to high temperature. In addition, do not use the chandelier in a house that is prone to moisture. It will easily cause the chandelier to fall off. In addition, regular inspections are required from time to time.



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