5 Dominating Web Design Trends to Consider in 2020


Every year there is something new to explore in website design. If you turn the pages of 2019, you will find the websites were designed based on the following styles. For example, vibrant color shades, vintage typography, split-screen, broken grid, overlapping elements, and so on. However, you can’t use the same design trend to build a new website for your brand. In fact, to sustain the position in the competitive market, it is important to redesign the website as per the latest trend.

So, as you see, keeping yourself updated with the marketing trends is very essential, even if you are gaining profits at an exponential rate.

Are you interested to learn about the latest website design trends that are influencing the market in 2020?

Keep reading the article and update yourself with the trending design features. This will help you while you are hunting for a New Jersey web design company or any other agency nearby.

5 Different website design trends that will dominate the market in 2020

  1. Dark UI:

As we all know, UI or user interface plays a significant role in website design and development. It is said that the friendlier the UI, the better the website design. However, it is important to design the UI as per the marketing trend.

In the recent past, dark and light shades were emphasized for creating a user interface. However, today, companies are aiming attention at building dark mode user interfaces that highlight dark surfaces.

The primary intention to build such an interface is to protect the eye from the brightness of the screen. It reduces eye strain by adjusting the brightness level and simultaneously, save the battery charge of the mobile devices.

Quite innovative thinking isn’t it?

  • Adding illustrations in design:

Businesses are always in a mood to turn their brand stand out from the crowd. And one finest way to create an everlasting impression is by adding illustrations in design. With the boom of illustrations in late 2019, all successful brands are now redesigning their website based on this.

Whether you talk about the Google Doodle or Mailchimp, illustrations have created an eye-catching image of the brand. Are you excited to scale up your brand? Don’t forget to add illustrations!

  • Vintage-inspired colors and Gradient 2.0 effect:

Another trending style that has popped out in the recent year is using vintage-inspired colors or adding a Gradient 2.0 effect.

Adding vintage-inspired colors and fonts to the modern design has literally turned the outlook of the website fascinating. It has added some nostalgic look to the entire frame and at the same time highlighted the modern elements with excellence.

On one hand where the vintage-inspired colors and typography are getting familiar, on the other hand Gradient 2.0 shades are leaving no space to dominate the design page. The primary intention of adding this style to the design is to add life to the dull and boring design. Although the introduction of gradient was already done in the past two years, in 2020 the pace of using Gradient 2.0 has enhanced a lot.

  • Video insertion on Hero section:

A video has the power to seek attention of the audience. Keeping this in mind, the   New Jersey web design   companies and other agencies offering stellar web design services are now paying more attention to video insertion. In the recent past, the hero section of the website used to be decked up with prominent images in an innovative style. However, today, the main focus has shifted from images to videos.

To set up a long-lasting impression of the brand, businesses are inserting videos on the hero section. This has changed the entire layout of the homepage, compelling the visitors to think twice before tapping the “cross button”.

  • Sleek animations and minimal navigation:

2020 will be the year with more videos and voice scripts with minimal animations. To build the website in a simpler way, sleek animations with ultra-minimalist navigation is powered.

At one corner where the websites are built to attract the viewers with smooth and exciting animations, at the other corner it reduces the insertion of navigation channels, allowing the visitors to spend more time on the page. The brands are now emphasizing on simple and convenient websites that can reduce the headache of the crawlers. That’s a trick to hold back the traffic for a long time.


Whether it is a New Jersey web design company like  Create By Influence     or any other web design agency, if you are planning to outsource your web design work, it is essential that you clarify the design trends with them.

It is important to note whether the professional designers are apt to provide a design based on the updated styles. After all, a website design reflects the company’s image. A single flaw in web design can add a negative impression to the overall brand.

Get a reputed web design company and design a trending website for your brand.


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