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How to get more followers on Instagram?

Social media networks have taken the world by storm in the last decade. We live in an era where almost everyone has an account at one of the bountiful online networks. Online presence has almost become essential from the business point of view and we are all simply forced to adjust to such changes.

There will be loads of you who are not quite familiar with these social networking channels and the principles behind them. While we all want to make our online presence as robust as possible in an attempt to be recognized by strong international brands or simply become popular among the crowd,  only a small portion of people are actually capable of achieving such goals.

This specific article is dedicated just to these people who are struggling to make a serious impact in terms of their online presence and we thank the social media managers at betting tips website Bettingtips4you.Com for their useful contribution in providing valid social media successful tips. We will share the most important tips on how to gain more followers on Instagram, one of the most popular social media networks of our era.

1 – Optimize your account

Your Instagram profile represents you and your photo & personal biography will be the first thing the visitors of your profile will see. This is why you need to fully optimize your account as step No 1 in becoming an Instagram celebrity. Your username plays a massive factor as you want to have it as easy to search as possible. In this case, the shorter is the better. Avoiding special characters or numbers makes it even better. Do not leave anything empty and share everything you can on your “homepage”, including all hobbies and interests. If someone sees that you are a vegetarian or that you support Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA, you will instantly increase the sphere of your reach.

2 – Post content consistently

More than 200 million Instagram users log in to this network every day. You should thus by no means be afraid of spamming. In general, the more you post, the higher is a chance that someone will follow you. More importantly, you should keep your posts as consistent as possible. If you post three photos on Monday, you should do the same every other day. The Instagram algorithm will then recognize you and there is a higher chance that your profile will be among the “recommended” accounts for some random people on the other side of the planet. This is exactly what you want as it allows you to cast a wider net and get more organic (not paid) followers.

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3 – Team-up with influencers

You can have a brilliant Instagram portfolio, but you can’t achieve rapid success without teaming up with someone who is already popular. Although the influencers are very hard to reach in general, if you can earn someone’s sympathy and make them your partners, your Instagram account will suddenly reach new heights. It only takes one “mention” on a story of someone who has 1 million subscribers or more for you to flying. Nevertheless, do not give up if you can’t get anywhere near such a popular influencer. After all, this is just a shortcut. Either way, however, you should make as many contacts as possible, have your friends share your account on their stories and “homepages”, and interact as much as you can.

4 – Do not buy followers

This is a very important piece of advice, not just from a financial perspective but for the purpose of keeping your Instagram account real. Everyone can buy followers nowadays, but it only causes you problems. First of all, seeing a massive number of fake Instagram accounts will deceive new followers. Nobody wants to follow someone who has to pay to earn someone’s interest. Moving forward, fake Instagram accounts can’t leave likes or comments, and they are generally cleaned up by the network.

5 – Share your Instagram account wherever you can

People can’t follow you if they do not know about your Instagram account. This is why you should promote it everywhere you can. If you already have Facebook or Twitter, you can drop some posts/tweets promoting your Instagram account. Although it may seem useless, in reality, it will bring you much more followers than you think.

6 – Listen to what followers want

At the end of the day, the success and popularity of your Instagram account depend directly on the followers’ desires. If you are smart and capable enough to recognize what people want to see before others do, you will gain a significant advantage. Of course, there are numerous tools designed to help you figure it all out. You can play games and perform some testing in terms of the content your followers want to see. You will be surprised to learn that even the tiniest detail can make a massive difference in regards to this, whether it is the post time, the type of photo, the caption, the hashtag, or the filter. Spend some time analyzing these small details, see what the other popular accounts are doing, and adjust. Easier said than done, right?

7 – Always initiate the conversation

The caption you leave behind the photo plays a much more significant role than you imagine. If you have strong caption copywriting skills, your account has the potential of thriving much faster than others. People are attracted by a photo obviously, but there is a higher chance they will leave a comment or like if they see a hilarious or interesting caption. Moving forward, you also want to answer as many comments as possible. When people see that you are genuinely answering other comments, they will get the desire to leave on themselves. Remember, all people want to interact, it is simply in our nature. Last but not least, always try to use trending and popular hashtags. You reach can only benefit from these. 

We sincerely hope that you will find these seven tips useful. Just thank them all seriously and you will build your online presence up in no time. 



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