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How to Get Free Beauty Samples

Finding Free Beauty Product Samples:

Don’t you just love the word ‘free’? I think it’s one of my favorite words. And when I combine it with my other favorite thing in life – beauty products – well, I’ve got everything I ever wanted. But who gives away free beauty products, you might wonder. Why, the manufacturers, of course.

Giving away free samples is a timeless classic when it comes to marketing strategies. They get you hooked on the little jar of hair serum or foundation and then you go pay them for more. I’m not complaining. Some of the products I rely on and have been using for years were discovered through free samples in the first place.

Ways to Get Free Beauty Products

Honestly, it does not take a lot of effort to get free samples. If you look closely, they are everywhere.

The most obvious place to look for them is the cosmetics counter in your local department store. That’s where you will find samples of lipstick, perfume, under eye cream, hair serums and basically anything else you could possibly desire.

If you have always wanted to try out a fancy product by some big brand name, then free samples are the way to go. Most big names can afford to offer samples of even their most expensive and exotic items. So if there is a new eye liner you have been wanting to buy but have put off because you cannot afford it, go get a free sample instead. And when the sample is over, you could probably go get another one. I mean, the sales girl will not remember that you took one before!

Many big stores that are international names in retail will often offer free beauty products when the item is new in the market. You can walk into these chain stores on any given day and you will find a sample of anything your makeup-loving heart could possibly desire.

Now all this walking around looking for free samples could get tiring. But not to worry. You can continue your search for free products when you get home too. Sit down in a comfortable chair with your laptop and surf the thousands of websites that will offer to deliver free samples of any product right to your doorstep. Free shipping! Who can resist?

Just to list a few, Beauty Universe Store, FreeMakeupSamples and IsJustFree are some such sites that will help you to get the beauty product samples for many brands. What more could you ask for!

Sometimes, you can also get free products on a purchase. So if you buy a moisturizer or a liner, you could get a free sample toner or eye shadow along with it.

Free samples are a great way to try out a product before committing to it. We all know there are enough chemicals in most of them and we all have adverse reactions to something or the other. Getting samples first means you can test it before paying an exorbitant sum for it.

I think I’ve covered most of the ways in which you can get free products to try out. But if there’s something I missed out on, tell me please so I can try it out immediately.




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