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The Best Stock Broker Apps in 2017

Currently the buzz is all about making some extra cash on the move using online trading tools that are simple, secure and straightforward. Developers are falling over themselves to come up with applications that any ordinary person can use with just a little guidance and take charge of their own online trading. This is fuelled by exponential mobile use which keeps demanding mobile based tools for almost anything. These tools must be adaptable to the current stock market changes and must be able to give real time accurate information for the online trader as the slightest misinformation can cost someone losses that exceed their deposits.

Features to watch out for in a stock broker app

Read user reviews for the app that you want to use for online trading. The app must be safe, secure, and adaptable with a simple user-interface, affordable and providing real time trading information. Compare the ratings between various apps to make your decision. The CMC Markets website provides you with current, affordable tools for you to use in CFD and Forex trading as well as real time trends in the CFD and Forex markets.


We have put together a list of the top stock broker apps for online trading in 2017:


If you are a first time investor looking for a simple app that allows you to trade without any commission fee, you have Robinhood. It was launched in 2014, targeting young millennials who age averagely 26 years and are just beginning to venture into online trading. It won the first ever financial app Apple Design Award in 2015 due to its simple sign up procedure and user interface. It shares insights and trends from registered users, utilizing geolocation to generate relevant stocks for the investor. It currently has 2016 updated iOS and Android versions which have received positive reviews so far from users. Robinhood Gold is a premium, advanced version with features such as lines of credit, extended trading hours and faster deposits and withdrawals, at $10 per month.


This information resource allows you to monitor real time stock market trends that is neatly visualized. The stocks are can be sorted alphabetically, by market capitalization, by size or even volume and percentage gains. You can zoom in on more stock information and a brief previous day’s’ performance and use the coloured heat maps that spot your stocks ups and downs. It is only hosted on Apple devices.

CMC Markets

This powerful app gives you access to live streaming of prices complete with 38 technical indicators for an integrated trading experience. With it, you enjoy a vast range of chart types, default settings and trading tools. It gives you a real time market conditions analysis and offers you a chance to make a quicker, better informed choice on your CFD and Forex trading. With enticing features for advanced order tickets and a premium option that includes guaranteed stop loss orders, this free Android and iOS based app is a must have for the new and the progressive online trader.

TD Ameritrade Mobile

This app provides integrated CNBC regional channel live streams to allow traders track stocks movement and performance. Traders can chat with other traders and get insight on relevant upcoming events posted on the apps market calendar. It mostly focuses on trends analysis as well as tracking the trader’s orders and positions. If a trader is interested in a company whose product they have seen in the local store, they just scan the barcodes and get market information related to the company. With TD Ameritrade, you can check deposits and transfer your cash easily. This app will cost you $6.95 to purchase.

Trade Hero

This app uses real time trading data to provide learner investors with a tool for safe trading. It allows you to perfect your trading skills without any financial risk before you can go to the actual online trading. You are allowed to build a fantasy portfolio and compete with other users with free $100,000. If you keep winning, you get listed on the leader board which earns you a real cash prize.

E* Trade Mobile

This simple interface stock broker app has a voice function that users utilize to locate stocks fasters. With it, you can trade EFTs, options and mutual funds. It has real time quotes from MarketWatch, Morningstar and The customizable dashboard allows you to get information tools as well as comparison charts. It has been developed for both Android and iOS and can connect to your Apple Watch.




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