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Best Online Study Material for CAT 2018

Common Admission Test is the most popular Management Entrance Examination of India. Taken by lakhs of aspirants every year, CAT 2018 features very tough competition and also asks some pretty tough questions. With students from the best institutes of the country competing with each other, it is not easy to clear CAT Cutoff for IIMs and other top MBA colleges.

Since CAT takes a good bit of time to prepare and ace, Time Management becomes a very important aspect of CAT Preparation. Especially for working professionals, it is essential that they use their time effectively.

With technological advancements, candidates now do not need to visit offline coaching centers and waste their time in commuting. There are a lot of online resources available which allow students to use them anytime and anywhere.

These online resources, with their ubiquity and speed, can certainly help candidates in boosting their preparation. Today, we will take you through the best online study materials that you can use, and can thus beat the CAT Cutoff. So let us not waste any time and walk you straight through these amazing CAT Prep Resources. Here we go: –

Online Mock Test Series

Online Mock Test Series is a must-have thing these days. Since CAT 2018 is an online exam, practicing the exact same pattern on your computer screen gives you the most realistic way of practice. You can take the simulated exam, check percentiles, and view detailed solutions/analysis to check where you stand in the race.

There are tens of institutes and websites that offer online mock tests for CAT. You can take the tests by going to an examination center or can take them to home too.

Here are the top 5 CAT Test Series you can consider for your preparation. To beat the 99th percentile or the CAT Cutoff, you can even buy two of them. Take a look: –

  2. Career Launcher’s Mock Test Series
  4. Testfunda CAT Test Series
  5. Hitbullseye CAT Test Series

Online Coaching Programs

Along with CAT Online Test Series, Online Coaching Programs are also gaining a lot of popularity these days. These programs are generally much cheaper than offline programs, and also consume much lesser time.

Further, since there is no limitation of time, you can study whenever you want. Whether you an early morning learner or a night owl, online coaching programs stand there for you. And some programs even run special night classes.

Just like Online Test Series, there is an abundance of online coaching programs too. However, candidates must be a little careful while opting for any coaching program, as coaching involves a significant involvement of time and is a major guiding force in your preparation.

Candidates can refer to the coaching programs mentioned below. These are some programs which can be trusted and will significantly help you in clearing CAT Cutoff: –

  1. 2IIM CAT Online Course
  2. Career Launcher Online CAT Coaching Program
  3. Byju’s Online CAT Course
  4. Hitbullseye’s Online CAT Course
  5. Other Newer Institutes like Elitesgrid, iQuanta, Bodheeprep, Topmytest etc.

Free Resources for CAT Online Preparation

Along with many paid resources, there are a plethora of Free CAT Prep resources that are available on the internet. In fact, the number of sources for free material is huge and you can do most of your preparation by using free resources only. However, for this, you do need to compromise a bit and collect little quantities of content from various sources.

You can find all kind of free resources on web. Free video lessons, free practice material, free notes, free tests and many more things are available on internet.

Although there are tons of resource to get and use free content, candidates must take care that the content they are using is relevant. We recommend the top 5 sources, which are offered for free but are actually priceless. Take a look at the list below and take your CAT Prep to the next level.

  1. Hitbullseye’s Free Account with Scholarship
  2. Cracku Free CAT Prep Account
  3. Mbatious’ Free CAT Material
  4. 2IIM’s free CAT Question Bank
  5. Topmytest QA 1000 Youtube Playlist


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