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How Beneficial are Bulk SMS Messages?

Countries like India which have a huge population and enough spending power to afford mobile phones and portable communication devices are a hub for companies to engage in advertising and marketing techniques. Product launches and offers are sent to consumers usually through SMS services which excite and attract more viewers towards the company’s products and services. The few great benefits obtained from bulk sms service in noida is the verification of products and confirmation of passwords through the SMS route.

There are several authentication procedures and verification procedures that are conducted by APIs through a missed call, SMS, and voice call on iOS and Android interfaces. A 100% authentic database of customers is created in the SMS option which is why it is chosen by most APIs. There are several applications that send user verification links and passwords through SMS such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tinder. A one-time password is sent over the SMS channel to most users while engaging in online transactions for shopping and food deliveries as well as bank-related services such as net banking and phone wallet transactions. The online transactions move forward only when the SMS has been sent and the OTP has been approved. Authentication of databases such as Home Location Register, Visitor Location Register, and the Home Subscriber Server is done before sending SMS by the bulk sms provider in noida.

About bulk SMS

  1. Bulk SMS entails sending messages to several recipients at once rather than the usual encrypted SMS message from the source mobile phone to the destination mobile phone.
  2. Bulk messaging packages are available at inexpensive rates to the company and this can be used by the company to send offers and promotional links to millions of users in its database at very cheap rates. Bulk SMS is a much cheaper and effective option as opposed to email campaigns and newspaper advertisements.
  3. Usually, these services are employed by business organizations, marketing agencies, community groups, mobile phone service providers, and people who wish to communicate with a large mass of people.
  4. Applications that facilitate these services have several other features. Facilities such as monitoring the reach, tracking of delivery reports, and tracing of the sales number by sending a link are available through bulk SMS .

Bulk SMS benefits

  1. Platform flexibility-
    Several groups of people can become market outreach targets based on their gender and age. The messages can be circulated amongst all the people or only the subscribers. Tailor-made offers can be sent to special customers for better customer interaction and sales. The messages can be updates on tracking your order or they could hold a URL to the site which is offering special services.
  2. Opening rate is high-
    The text messages are read faster than emails. Some SMS messages can be automatically wired while emails need to be opened and checked promptly.
  3. High delivery rates-

The message takes a few seconds to reach the consumer. Research says that the average time for a message to reach the receiver mobile station from the transmitting base station is 7 seconds XPlayer.



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