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3 Tips for Improving the WiFi Performance for Home

A vital home wireless network can be assembled quite hastily. Moreover, the presentation of an existing WiFi network can turn down for numeral reasons. Maybe home Internet owners aren’t conscious about the option available to maintain and control a private network and make it better and safe all time over. On the other hand, Setup when connected to your existing router has the capability of improving the performance and security of a wireless and reliable home network.

What would be the next step for Netgear Extender Setup

  1. Take an Ethernet cable and connect your existing device along with range extender.
  2. Turn both of them on and wait until the power LED on our devices turn to solid green.
  3. If they are blinking, don’t proceed further; just stop here for a little while.

What more can we do for New Extender Setup?

  1. If you the power light on your devices are still blinking don’t worry, just push WPS button on your new device, wait for two minutes and set in back motion again (apply the same process on your router as well).
  2. Now, you can see the stable lights, it’s the time to move a little forward. Grab any of your smart devices (computer, laptop or a cell phone) and launch a web browser into it.
  3. Once you have logged in successfully, you have to go through a small security process that would be the default username and password.

Netgear Genie Setup: Secure your Home Network

When you enable such a smart remote access feature on your smart device, you can access your WiFi network even when you are far away from your home. This feature of the app gives you the access and control to diagnose the home network issues and also provides features like guest access to secure your network, traffic control, map transmitting, etc.

Tips more often for a better performance of WiFi System

  1. Update and adding a Device

WiFi technologies can survive for countless years. Many network owners having deemed of replacing their existing devices because they aren’t aware of the modern technology increasing day by day. Latest WiFi often runs faster and are much more reliable whereas the existing home network slows down after a short while. In that case, we would like to recommend our valuable user to update all your electronic gadgets timely and aware yourself and surroundings with the latest and upcoming WiFi technologies.

  1. Place your router in the Best Location

Users often place their wireless devices in those areas where they found comfort in using them. They don’t know the fact that their network might be crashed by microwaves, cordless, Bluetooth speakers, etc. So place your device out of the reach of such metal appliances because they carry the same frequency as of router. If you can’t rid of them, then you can shut them all when not in use. These appliances are the big disasters that create distances between your home network, smart devices and router.

  1. Adjust the WiFi Channel Number

The meddling of a channel can leave a big impact on your WiFi and home network performance. Do you know that in most countries, WiFi tools can convey signals from one place to another which is just similar to televisions? Most of the routers come with the same channel (default) and most users are not interested to change it. Here, you might experience radio interferences from third-party devices because of the same channel or from some other piece of electronic gadgets that holds the same frequency. Changing of the WiFi channel from default to your own preference is the best way to fix such annoying problem on your own.



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