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These Youtube Channels are Worth Your Time

Like most people, as soon as I get home from work I walk my dog, a labrador. Labradors are extra happy creatures – they get all the food they want, whenever they want. In the event they don’t get what they want, be prepared for emotional blackmail, with constant stare downs taking place as you’re enjoying your meal. They’re like adorable babies who can sense your emotions and thoughts. They know just how to make you feel guilty, driving you to do something you don’t want to do, since it enforces bad behavior.

Youtube is kind of like that, but instead of a labrador, it’s video content that keeps sucking you in against your will, jumping from one video to another, just like when you’re watching Uverse TV .

No matter what your hobbies and interests are, you can find a plethora of channels and videos dedicated to whatever it is you’re looking for.

These are top the most interesting channels on YouTube right now!

Yes Theory

The hosts of this channel recently challenged actor Will Smith to a dare, then asked the audience to get his attention. They got him to respond to the challenge through YouTube, and he accepted it in a creative and entertaining manner. By directing its audience to Will Smith’s channel, Yes Theory generated a huge amount of views and subscribers for themselves and for Smith.

The Will Smith Channel

Speaking of Smith, he’s adored by many fans all around the world. Most people came to know him as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and since then has built a career of blockbusters such as Men in Black and The Pursuit of Happyness.

Despite all of his success, Smith still has a list of projects he wants to work on. The challenge he accepted from Yes Theory challenged him to jump out of a helicopter with the use of a bungee cord. Smith responded by raising the stakes, making the location of the jump the Grand Canyon. Smith also conquered his fear of heights by skydiving, and documented it on his channel.

That video is just one of many on Smith’s channel. He uses the channel for both the viewing pleasure of his fans and as his creative outlet. You have to love a guy who accepts an already daunting challenge and then ups the stakes for charity. He’s an actor giving you free and fresh content, and sharing good advice while doing so.

Everyone should visit his page and show him love and support, which will only further fuel his soul and creativity.


The videos on this channel don’t have any real purpose beyond entertainment value. The goal of HowToBasic is to be ironic and artistic while attempting DIY-projects. All of the videos are a great way to kill some time. At the moment, they have 10 million subscribers and a large library of content to select from.

So go ahead and treat yourself to HowToBasic, and don’t learn how to do anything in the process. You will at times even question yourself as to why you may be watching the video in the first place, but rest assured that you will not be able to look away while the artistic onslaught never ends.

Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies has 68 million subscribers, and hosts a series called Honest Trailers. These trailers are actually sarcastic reviews that constantly cracks jokes about the movie, all while giving hilarious, yet appropriate nicknames to the actors. The reviews are typically spot-on, and if you have watched the movie in question it is sure to make you laugh. The fact that the content is original and relatable makes it worth your time. The host of the show does an amazing voice over, and isn’t afraid to say things that many of use think, but would never actually say.

Smosh Games

We all love video games. So naturally, who wouldn’t love a channel dedicated to video games? There are several types of these channels, but Smosh Games stands out, thanks in large part to its own version of the Honest Trailer series. In fact, not only does Smosh Game have their own variation, it actually outdoes the Screen Junkies series.

Video Games can quickly become an expensive hobby, with users investing a large amount of energy and time into progression. The reviews aren’t only funny – they also give you a realistic idea of whether to purchase the game or not.


The WhatCulture brand consists of many channels, including WhatCulture Football, WhatCulture Wrestling, WhatCulture Gaming, WhatCulture Comics, and WhatCulture itself.

These channels are simply amazing, since they tackle so many subjects. WhatCulture actually looks at video content from a cultural point of perspective. Some of their videos will go into pop culture science, determining if Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty would be plausible in real life. Then there are list videos, like the one where they highlight the top nine movies ruined by alternative endings.

Regardless of the channel you choose to subscribe to, you will always manage to locate interesting subject matter worth your time.


Loopers focus solely on actors, movies, and television shows. The video content highlights Easter eggs, secret endings, and confusing endings that require explanations. When the show is not discussing any of those, they are discussing Hollywood in general, and the career trajectories of certain actors.


JerryRigsEverything is an awesome YouTube channel that I particularly enjoy, especially when I’m looking to purchase a new smartphone. Jerry is the host of the show, and he basically does teardowns of smart devices to determine the reparability of a device, alongside his scratch test which determines the durability of the devices. There is also a popular bend test that he conducts ever since the iPhone 6 scandal. So if you’re thinking about purchasing a tablet or a smartphone, I highly recommended that you visit his website to determine the durability of the device.


Lamar Wilson

Finally, how could I leave off Lamar Wilson? In Wilson’s videos, he unboxes mysterious products and then tries them out. In the process, he exerts a ton of energy. His behavior is silly and carefree. He has a cool collection of Xbox one controllers and has amassed 15 million followers.



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