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“Yamete Kudasai” In Japanese: What It Means

“Yamete Kudasai” is a polite way to say “stop.” This Japanese phrase is used when someone is doing something that you don’t want them to do, or when you’re asking them to stop doing something they’re already doing. Today, let’s learn how to say this in English and what it means!

What does Yamete Kudasai mean in Japanese?

The phrase “yamete kudasai” literally translates to “wait a while.” It’s often used when someone wants to delay an action or conversation. The phrase is often translated to “please wait” or “hold on. yamete kudasai. YAMETE KUDASAI! in English. English Translation of ‘yamete kudasai’ by bighappy.Time out (Japanese). Yamete kudasai means “wait a little longer.” You see, this phrase is often used when you’re just about to leave or go to do something rather important and someone asks you to hold on for a moment or two, you can say yamete kudasai meaning “wait a bit longer please” and they’ll understand the meaning of your words. As an assistant teacher at my junior high school, I use this phrase when I want to delay a student from doing something he

How does Yamete Kudasai work in English?

Japanese expression Yamete Kudasai (やまてっぺ ください) literally means “Please Wait Here.” When used as an imperative verb, it is translated as “Wait Here.” In English, it can be interpreted in a few ways.

The most common use of the phrase is to tell someone to wait for you before leaving. For example, if someone is running late, they might say “Yamete Kudasai” and then wait for the other person to respond.

In a more formal context, “Yamete Kudasai” can also be used when introducing oneself. For example, if someone is meeting someone for the first time, they might say “Hi, my name is Yamete Kudasai.” This way, the other person knows that the speaker will be waiting for them before leaving.

Is Yamete Kudasai used often in everyday life?

Yes, Yamete Kudasai (literally means “Come here”) is an often used phrase in Japanese. It can be used as a request for someone to come closer, or to tell someone that you are ready to leave.

The different uses of Yamete Kudasai

“Yamete Kudasai” is a common phrase in Japanese that literally means “Come here quickly.” There are many different ways to use Yamete Kudasai, and each has its own nuance and meaning. Here are five of the most common ways:

  1. As an urgent request: When you need someone’s attention urgently, you can say Yamete Kudasai. This phrase is especially useful when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to explain your request in more detail.
  2. As a polite suggestion: Sometimes it’s easier to just ask for something directly, rather than trying to subtly hint at what you want. If you think someone might be able to help you out with something, say Yamete Kudasai to get their attention.
  3. As an apology: If you’ve done something wrong, saying Yamete Kudasai can be your way of apologizing without having to go into too much detail. Just make sure you use the phrase correctly – it shouldn’t sound like an order, but more like a request for help.
  4. As a sign of respect: When speaking to someone older or superior, always




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