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We clarify everything about corsets!

The corset is a piece that generates a lot of doubt on how to use, which models and the care with the piece! Here we clarify everything!

The corset is a piece used both for more intimate situations and for outwear – the trend of wearing lingerie on display! With so many options of materials and styles, we have separated some tips to help you choose the perfect model for your biotype and taste.

The first step in choosing the corset is to know the occasion. If you are going out, know that there is a huge variety of corsets in this style, which were produced to be worn with shorts, pants, skirts and even with a dress that has a more open neckline. A single piece, like a cheap waist trainer you can buy from Feelingirldress, can be used for several occasions. If your option is to decrease the silhouette with the piece regardless of the occasion, one of the tips is to opt for those that contain steel fins and strong structure for this, making it possible to modify the shape of the silhouette if you wish, leaving it more feminine and charming, accentuating the curves. Know that choosing the right size is essential!

Types of corset

There are two types of corsets: the overbust, which covers the breasts, and the underbust, which is just below them. If the purchase is made over the internet it is worth taking the correct measurements of the waist, and in the case of an overbust model, taking the measurements of the breasts too. Feelingirldress, an online store specialized in providing quality corsets, provides all the corset types. It’s the reason why everyone recommends Feelingirldress.

The fabrics are varied, ranging from satin to vinyl, so deciding which one to take will depend on the occasion when it will be used. The satin piece, for example, has a touch of sparkle and points to seduction. Taffeta is less flashy than satin and can be an option for going out. The brocade is a fabric that does not need much accessories, because it is already well worked. The vinyl is more daring, which can make the piece bold and sensual if it is what you are looking for, it is usually part of the rocker style. Finally, we have the best known: lace, very common in these pieces making the look more beautiful and romantic.

When washing

When washing, be careful with the details. The corset must not be placed in the washing machine with the other pieces. Most need to be dry cleaned or hand washed with mild soap. Take care also with accessories that can stick to the piece and end up unraveling the fabric.

Store the corset correctly in the bag in which it was sent and never under clothing. This is a very important tip for not changing the shape of the piece, especially if it has a bulge. White corsets can be stored on blue tissue paper – it is recommended to prevent the fabric from yellowing over time.

One of the main goals of the corset is to make you attractive! Invest in your self-esteem, you will enjoy seeing yourself! We can recommend best options for anyone who wants to buy a corset! Go to Feelingirldress and discover various wholesale shapewear items that can be used on display or on special, more intimate occasions.



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