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Ultimate Fitness Apps You MUST Try in 2018

The thing about technology is that it kicks your daily tasks into a high gear. Whether it is a high-priority activity like building a multi-purpose presentation for your next business meeting or a low-key chore like vacuuming the entire house, technology takes everything to the next level.

Now, an interesting combo which has come forth onto the horizon of 2018 is that of fitness and technology. Physical well-being is quite important in today’s scenario especially. What with the rise of processed foods and chemically engineered products, the increase in a generally sedentary lifestyle, and an escalation of pollution, the need to stay fit has become a prime concern.

10 Best Fitness Apps

To cater to this necessity of retaining a ‘good shape’, technology comes to your aid in the form of smartphone apps. According to research, these health and fitness apps have grown in popularity considerably by 330% over the last few years. Around 75% of the users of such apps access them at least two times a week, which shows how successful these fitness apps are in accommodating the consumer base (

Such fitness-focused apps serve different purposes. Some simply track your activities and workouts, others give you suggestions for improving your diet, while there are even those which practically act as your digital trainer, helping you get more out of your daily sessions. It depends on you which fitness app you would like to try out. But for convenience purposes, let me list the top ones below.


Personalization is the word of the day, after all. If you’re into weight-lifting and strength-building exercises, Fitbod is the best fitness app for you. Why? What makes it so special? The advanced AI technology, which analyses your previous workouts and customizes your future training sessions to suit your needs.

This result-oriented app focuses on maximizing your gains by cleverly varying the weight intensity and the rep volume per session so that each and every muscle group in your body gets the right amount of attention. By fulfilling each goal set by the smart app, you get to enjoy achievements which you can boast of later on.

It is only available for Apple users and has in-app purchases.


What I used to do in my work-from-home days is especially ask my cable provider to hook me up with a fitness channel so I could exercise daily in front of my TV. Due to the affordable Time Warner cable pricing backing me up, I found this mode quite convenient.

But then, I got this new office-based job in a proper metropolis, which made it impossible for me to follow the easy TV routine. I had to think of a new way to work out during the office hours, around my station somehow. That’s when I stumbled upon Aaptiv.

This smartphone app gives you an audio-based fitness experience. There are 2500+ tutorials, ranging from light to intense, falling in twelve different categories, and led by professional trainers from all around the world.

Simply by wearing your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, you can follow the voice of the instructor and do your workout anywhere, anytime and anyhow. With this app, free to download on both Android and iOS, I found the solution to my workplace workout. It’s time you found yours too, with Aaptiv.


You must have heard of the dictum: What you eat, becomes you. It is quite fitting here because binge-eating oily and junk food made me barter my muscle mass for a boatload of unhealthy fat, even though I walked to the office every day. The problem basically lay in my diet. That is why countless nutritionists and fitness experts have recommended eating a balanced diet, which has a whole lot of greens, fibers, and proteins.

Luckily, the app, MyPlate, which I’m adding to my list, has been tailored specifically for this purpose. Available for both Android and iOS users, this app hosts a database of more than two million dietary items, out of which it creates a customized eight-day meal plan for you to follow, food-wise, to get yourself back on the health track. You can check your progress and get motivational emails too. How cool is that?


Last Christmas, I was the butt for most jokes in the annual family gathering. Do you know why? Because of the weight, I’d somehow happened to gain over the past year. All those order-ins, mixed with a perennial stress, had to show their after-effect somewhere. My flabby tummy got the most of it.

So, I decided to board the fitness train and burn off the excess fat. Heading to a gym was too great a step for my lazy soul. Running around the park in front of my house seemed like a much better option. I donned my trainers and wore my sweatpants and started making rounds on a daily basis.

But the problem was that I lost track of how much I’d run and how many calories I’d manage to torch over time. With a zero view of my progress, I became demotivated. That’s when a friend of mine recommended Fitbit.

This fitness tracking app enables the user to wirelessly sync any smart sensor or activity tracker that they may have with the Android or iOS device. Not only that, it uses GPS to record the running rounds, the walking steps, and the hiking tracks. You can see your heart rate rhythm and celebrate over the lost calorie count. Compete with your friends and log activities to keep yourself up to date. This app is free to download. Try it today!

Daily Yoga:

This may be an underrated type of fitness exercise, scorned by many gym buffs out there, but yoga is a tried-and-tested traditional practice, being carried out for centuries in various cultures. It balances your physical and spiritual well-being. While it allows you to work on your body in different positions, it soothes your mind with its meditational dimension. One of the best yoga apps out there is the Daily Yoga, available for both Android and iOS users.

This app offers more than 500 asana sessions, more than 50 workout plans, more than 200 guided classes by top practitioners, lessons meditation and even Pilates etc. You cannot get enough of this app. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t overwhelm you, but takes everything slowly and smoothly.

So, do give these fitness apps a shot and let me know which ones worked out best for you.



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