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Twitter to Test Drive Double-Wide Tweets

Twitter on Tuesday introduced a limited test to double the most tweet size to 280 characters.

Twitter has been suffering to reinforce person engagement for the closing couple of years, and its tweet individual hindrance has been the problem of a longstanding debate amongst customers and enterprise insiders.

One purpose for the viable trade is to accurate for the imbalance between making use of the most character depend to Asian characters — like japanese, chinese and Korean — and applying it to characters in western languages like English, Spanish, Portugese or French, noted Twitter Product supervisor Aliza Rosen and Senior software Engineer Ikuhiro Ihara in an online publish.

because of the meanings connected to characters, customers are capable of bring twice as a whole lot facts in a tweet rendered in Asian languages, they talked about. due to that difference, Twitter plans to check doubling the individual restriction for all languages except japanese, chinese and Korean.

The exchange is minor from a technical point of view, but it could dramatically alternate the manner users can explicit themselves, referred to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Lost in Translation

Twitter’s internal statistics display that best zero.four percentage of tweets despatched in eastern were a hundred and forty characters long, while nine percent of English language tweets were a hundred and forty characters, Rosen and Ihara wrote.

The individual restrict has been a main supply of frustration for English language customers, based totally on the company’s research, however eastern users do not have comparable complaints, they delivered.

whilst they’re no longer restrained to140 characters, greater humans tweet, Rosen and Ihara stated.

Twitter desires to check the exchange with a small number of customers before taking it company huge, they said. They did now not complex on what number of people might take part inside the trying out or what the standards could be for selecting them.

Get Shorty?

it is no longer clear how customers will react to the accelerated individual restriction. even as some truely have longed for an boom inside the restriction, others oppose it, arguing that the requirement to condense statistics into short bursts is what made Twitter particular inside the social media space.

“no longer to sound like a nostalgist, however from a user point of view, I think that is another exchange for the worse,” stated Rick Edmonds, media business analyst at Poynter.

The proposed trade can be a reaction to pressure to hold a increase pattern, however the one hundred forty-individual restriction and the chronological display were what made Twitter different, he informed TechNewsWorld.

“Twitter excels at supporting users get the most ideas in the shortest time,” mentioned Wayne Kurtzman, studies director for social and experiential answers at IDC.

“Brevity is a strength, and people love that energy,” he informed TechNewsWorld.

relying on how the growth is carried out, Twitter dangers harming the relationship it has with is base customers, Kurtzman said.

If handiest the primary 140 characters had been displayed in massive tweets, the exchange ought to work, he suggested. The duty then might shift to the writer to “the front load the tweet with relevance.”

on the other hand, a developing body of users experience limited by the one hundred forty-individual restriction, discovered Michael Jude, research manager at Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan. .

“The contemporary trend in the direction of consecutive tweets shows that many topics in reality don’t suit 140 characters,” he advised TechNewsWorld. “elevating the restriction will possibly be popular with users.”

There are strong arguments on each aspects of the problem, said Kevin Krewell, main analyst at Tirias studies.

The 280-character restriction will make it simpler for customers who have a tendency to favor multiple-access tweet storms, he informed TechNewsWorld, but that could negate part of the attraction of Twitter, that is the compressed nature of the posts.



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