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Top-Rated Wholesale Plugins For Your WooCommerce Store?

Having a WooCommerce store is one of the most elegant and robust methods to set up your personalized eCommerce store. With a wide variety of plugins, the best woocommerce wholesale plugin enables users to create feature-rich eCommerce stores precisely and efficiently, setting up a specific wholesale online store.

After you’ve successfully installed a single WooCommerce wholesale plugin, you will easily get access to all the relevant features and functionalities to help you accept and deliver wholesale requests.

However, the market is with comprehensive WooCommerce wholesale plugins. We have collaboratively put together a quick guide to help you choose the best plugin for setting up a wholesale eCommerce store.

Here are some of the leading wholesale plugins with versatile features to look for the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins.

What Features are Needed for a WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin?

The entire market segment for wholesale plugins for WooCommerce is distributed by the plugins offered by different pricing for retail and trade customers. Many wholesale plugins are provided by such aspects, and nothing else is further guided.

The further differentiation of pricing is an essential element of several wholesale stores. Although, this is also considered a small part of the functionality needed to transform WooCommerce into a wholesale store.

If you want to create a complete wholesale store, you need to perform more than changing the pricing details. Likewise, you would also display your wholesale products in a less visualized format well suited for trading purposes. You’ll require a password protection field to hide the overall wholesale part of the store that is only approved by the distributors that can easily access it.

Keeping the above circumstance in mind, we can easily distinguish WooCommerce wholesale plugins into various categories:

  • WooCommerce pricing plugins charge different prices to retail and wholesale customers.
  • Plugins are required to create a private WooCommerce shop, protect or hide areas within the WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce plugins create a wholesale-friendly table-based view or grid of products apart from the standard category of layouts.
  • WordPress plugins are used to create a separate role for wholesale users.
  • Enables plugins that allow people to register to become wholesale distributors.

To help you create a complete wholesale area for your WooCommerce store, we will recommend the best wholesale plugin in the following categories:

1)   Wholesale for WooCommerce

Wholesale for WooCommerce is a comprehensive and all-inclusive plugin that enables you to allow multiple wholesale prices and manages several wholesale user roles and vice versa.

The plugin will assist you to revive your WooCommerce store to instantly serve both your retail and wholesale customers without creating separate websites for specific demographics and many more.


  • Create and Manage Several Wholesale prices.
  • Supports wholesale prices for simple and variable products.
  • Implementing a percentage discount on your wholesale products if they have to precede a minimum range of orders.
  • Enables users to register a comprehensive range of wholesale customers.
  • You have an option to build multiple user roles to assist you in managing your wholesale and retail-based customers.

2)   Wholesale Suite Plugin

The WooCommerce Wholesale suite comes integrated with the popular three plugins to help you boost your wholesale eCommerce store. It comprises the wholesale prices plugin, order form plugin, and lead capture plugin.

The overall three plugins provide a seamless and cohesive approach during the management of your wholesale business.


  • Provides a wider range of pricing options, such as controlling and managing the overall wholesale pricing parameters across several distinguishing levels that offer you much more control over your brand strategy.
  • You can set some of the products to the “Wholesale” or “Retail” only aspects.
  • You have the option to enforce wholesale customers to use some shipping methods, payment gateways and add optional transaction charges.
  • It comes with a well-defined one-page ordering form that has been classified by the wholesale customers or distributors.
  • Provides support on tax adjustment for the wholesale prices.

  • Woosuite

WooCommerce wholesale suite shortened as Woosuite is a robust and effective wholesale-enabled solution for creating an order form, wholesale pricing registration, tax management, and vice versa.

It provides you the accessibility to the specific features that enables you to cater to the B2C and B2B customers via creating a genuine experience for both platforms.


  • Provides multiple options to set dynamic pricing for the wholesale customers, which provides discounts from the retail price rate of the products.
  • The wholesale price rates can be adjusted based on the user roles, the minimum amount of order, and the product category.
  • You can set minimum and maximum quantities for wholesale orders on each of your products.
  • It offers a standardized one-page ordering procedure.
  • Supports the process of the wholesale distributor or customer registration. You have complete control over which users are approved and rejected via using your wholesale platform.

4)   Wholesale Pricing Pro for WooCommerce by VarkTech

Wholesale Pricing Pro is a simple and robust plugin that enables you to create pricing rules and provides you great control on displaying discounts on catalog pricing for wholesale buyers. Additionally, you can easily schedule sales and build pricing tiers for the complete store, wholesalers, product categories, products, and vice versa. It provides you the ability to manage all the activities in one place easily.

Furthermore, it also enables you to track and audit the purchases made with the wholesale pricing rules discounts. However, it doesn’t allow you to create a wholesale user role, so you have to integrate another plugin to create another one.


  • Users can simply create discount rules based on the products, product categories, and more for wholesale buyers.
  • Simply apply the start date or end date feature to schedule discounts or sales for the wholesale customers.
  • Ensures control of the rule groups via categories, products and implements sales and promotions to the complete wholesale store, wholesalers, products, and more.
  • Saves time with the choice to put an overall category on sales with a specific rule.
  • Audit, track and manage purchases made with the wholesale pricing and discounts.

5)   WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B is a complete feature-rich wholesale plugin for WooCommerce. It provides an all-inclusive solution that gives you the overall accessibility to all the important bells and wishes to help you execute your B2B eCommerce store without any hurdles or misconceptions.


  • Showcases the price to the registered logged-in users, and the customers can easily browse your website as guests won’t be able to see the product’s prices.
  • Enables guest customers to see the prices of the product, inclusive of all taxes. At the moment, the customers who can get signed in to the WooCommerce B2B will see the pricing packages excluding the tax rates.
  • Provides the option to create customer groups and then allocate customized discount percentages to each group to distinguish the catalog-based price lists.
  • Provides the acceptance option or denying user registration requests. This platform gives you complete control over what types of customers you are engaged in business within this platform.

Wrapping Up

Significantly, wholesale plugins are useful resources for your woocommerce store. In this blog, we have discussed the top 5 wholesale plugins that will skyrocket your woocommerce store or an eCommerce site. Hence, the aforementioned wholesale plugins can be a valuable asset for you in creating, managing, and setting up your online Wholesale WooCommerce store.



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