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Are you planning a vacation to Nainital but wondering what all sites should be listed on your agenda? Well, you may find this useful as we are listing a few major places in Nainital which one shouldn’t miss while planning a trip to Nainital. You may select all the places which best suits your interest and mood so that you can culminate in this trip with lots of beautiful memories.

Naini Lake

This is the most pristine river of Nanital and is surrounded by the seven different peaks to augment the beauty of the lake. The lake is divided into two different sections the northern and southern part named Mallital and Tallital respectively.  The semicircular shape lake is covered with coniferous trees that shelter the hillside gives the perfect picturesque view evidently serves as the major tourist’s spot in India.

This lake is a must visit for all the nature- fanatics as this will revive your energy and is impeccable for a vacation for those who wished to have a pacifying time. You will be fostered by the scenic beauty of the lake where you can spend time with your beloved and go for a long walk enjoying boating or interacting with ducks.

Mall Road

Well, the mall road is running on the same thoroughfare as that of the Naini Lake so you can plan to visit this the same day you are going to Naini Lake. This place is the chief shopping expanse where you can dine, shop, and cultural centre of the hillside. One can surely relish the succulent food and also you can shop for local woollens that are to be found in abundance on Mall Road.

Eco Cave Gardens

The place is widely known for its uneven rocky caves which are interconnected along with hanging gardens the musical fountains. The Eco Cave garden comprises of a set of six small caves which are in the shape of various animals. The beauty of the garden is amplified and can be viewed at its best in the evening with the musical fountains with various audiovisual effects.

Snow View Point

The snow viewpoint is located at the altitude of 2270 above sea level and as alluded form the name itself it is shielded in a blanket of snow. The peak seems to be touching the sky giving it a panoramic view and it is worth watching the enchanting Himalayas with the three eminent peaks i.e. Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Kot peaks from this Snow viewpoint.

You will be provided with a binocular to view the magnificent Himalayan range more closely and admire the beauty of the spectacular peak. You can plan your trip to Nainital at huge discounts and a satisfying experience by looking for some oyorooms coupons which will enable you to enjoy colossal discounts.

Naina Devi Temple

This is a highly revered temple out of the fifty-one Shakti Peeths which are situated all over India; this holy expanse which is located in Nainital is one of the favourite spots for travellers. You will find two eyes looking at the roof inside the Naina Devi Temple demonstrating the goddess Naina Devi which was idolized by her devotee named Moti Ram Shah.

Naina Peak

Naina Peak is predominantly known as China Peak and is situated at a height of 2615 meter and apparently making it a challenging trekking spot. From the topmost point, one can clearly view the Tibetan border and Nanda Devi Peak. The peak is jam-packed with splendid rhododendron blossom and is an impeccable location for adventure enthusiasts so don’t miss out the fun and frolic experience which is sure to be fortified at Naina Peak.


Jeolikot is widely known as Gateway to Naini Lake and is a primaeval hill station stirring exuberance with the blessing of pristine nature’s benison. You will be taken by the colourful atmosphere, pleasant weather and freshness of the air making it the most pacifying trip ever. The place is famous for the beautiful butterflies hovering all around the Jeolikot. This place is beyond perfect for those who wish to enjoy a place which is untouched, tranquil and covered with opulent greenery.

Tiffin Top

It is situated in Ayarpatta hill which is Himachal Pradesh and is the hottest tourist’s attraction all over the world.  The name Tiffin top was given to this site was only when people started having lunch at the top of the Dorothy’s seat and it is also called Dorothy’s seat due to its construction in the remembrance of  the English artist whose name was Dorothy’s Kellett and is a must visit for photographers due to its scenic beauty.

Land’s End

This place is best suited for those who want to chill in nature’s serenity as it will fortify you with mesmerizing experience in the magnetism of nature and will surely boost your lost energy and mood. Land’s End is a must visit for nature fanatics because of the panoramic view of the land which is tranquil, away from the bustle of cities and mountains stand out the marvellous spot.

NeemKaroli Baba Ashram

This antiquated ashram is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas of Uttranchal which was built in the remembrance of the revered saint ShreNeemKaroli Baba Maharaj who is well-regarded all over the world for his miraculous performance for the well-being of others. He was a devotee of Lord Hanuman and this Ashram is a perfect demonstration of solitude and peace as you will not be distracted by the commotion of the city life.


It is situated in Kosiyakutoli tehsil which is a small district in Nainital and is known for its opulent and outlandish bird life which is found in abundance there. You will feel close to nature which is still untouched and gives a picturesque view of lavish greenery, colourful flowers and beautiful birds. This place is a heaven for photography due to magnificent birds which are found in different species and settle down here temporarily.

Hanuman Garhi

The well-renowned saint built this temple in 1950 which is located near Ashram of Bapu Lila and Shitla Devi Temple. This place is perfect to view the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset as this temple is perched at such a height making it a strategic location for visitors. Apart from religious significance, one can take incredible pictures of sunrise and sunset. Those who are inclined to the religious dogma shouldn’t miss a chance to visit this temple.

Well, herein we have unveiled all the spots which one should certainly visit while planning a trip to Nainital and this guide will ensure that you don’t miss out on viewing the heavenly places on earth. You will surely find these places gratifying your experience and accomplishing the travel with the most reviving energy ever.



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