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Tips to Protect Company Vehicles

Company vehicles can be a significant asset for any business. However, it is crucial that you take the necessary steps to protect them from theft or damage. Here are some tips to help ensure your company vehicle remains secure:

  1. Consider installing Car Key Solutions’ van immobiliser. This device uses patented technology to detect and disable the vehicle’s engine if a potential thief attempts to steal it. It is available throughout the UK and has been proven to be highly effective in helping protect company vehicles from theft.


  1. Have an up-to-date alarm system installed in your company vehicles. This will help deter thieves by making them aware that they may be detected if they try to access the vehicle.


  1. Make sure all the locks on your company vehicles are secure and functioning correctly. This includes not just the door locks, but also the trunk/boot lock as well. Consider adding additional security measures such as a tyre lock or wheel clamp for extra protection.


  1. Thoroughly inspect each vehicle before it leaves the premises. Also, ensure that all windows are closed and locked.


  1. Install a tracking device. With a device like this on each company vehicle, this will help you locate it easily if it is stolen. This can be especially useful if the vehicle is taken out of the UK where traditional recovery methods may not work as well.


  1. Make sure all your vehicles are branded. If vehicles have your company’s logo or name, this is likely to help discourage theft. It also serves as an effective form of advertising for your business since potential customers will see it whenever the vehicle is out and about.


  1. Make sure that employees understand the importance of protecting company vehicles by providing regular training sessions. This will help reduce instances of careless driving, which can damage a vehicle and lead to costly repairs or replacements.


  1. Develop company policies. Finally, it’s essential that your business has a clear policy in place regarding the use of company vehicles. This should include details on how to properly operate a vehicle, when it can be used and who is responsible for any damage caused while it is in use. Having a clear policy can help to minimise the risk of accidents or misuse, and will ensure that everyone is following the same set of rules when it comes to using company vehicles. This should be shared regularly with staff to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities.

By taking the time to properly protect your company’s vehicles, you can save money while keeping them safe and secure. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep your vehicles maintained and secure at all times.

Remember — theft is a serious crime, so make sure that you take the necessary precautions to protect your assets. Always remember to lock your vehicles — even if you’re just out of sight and in a busy area, it’s worth taking the extra few seconds to double-check that your doors are locked securely. Additionally, park in well-lit areas with plenty of foot traffic when possible.





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