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The Roles and Responsibilities of a Market Research Consultant

A market research consultant analyzes the current marketing operations, customer feedback, and sales volume of a company and makes recommendations for improvement. With the help of a market research consultant, companies can develop successful marketing practices that help them improve business operations and increase revenue.

Market research consultants have to perform intensive market research by gathering data from various sources. They have to analyze this data then and use it to make successful projections that can help a company improve its marketing operations. To be a market research consultant, you need to have strong analytical and organizational skills. You also need to know how to work with statistical models.

Who is a market research consultant?

A market research consultant is someone who has extensive experience, as well as knowledge, of the marketing practices in the industry. They have the know-how to enable a company struggling with its marketing to find remarkable success. They can create marketing plans, develop a brand awareness program, and even help a company give their brand a makeover.

To become a market research consultant, a person usually needs to have a lot of experience in the field. However, many market research consultants also ensure that they have a relevant degree as well. Although a degree is not required, market research consultants can opt for one to increase their foundational knowledge.

Market research consultants are usually hired to help businesses meet their sales targets and financial goals. A market research consultant provides companies with actionable steps they can take to improve their branding and marketing.

A market research consultant needs to have three essential skills. These include:

Analytical skills

Market research consultants need to be able to gather data from primary as well as secondary sources. Primary sources can include the company itself, as well as the people who work there. Primary sources also include data gathered from conducting customer surveys, as well as questionnaires.

Secondary sources include the industry, relevant journals related to the industry, competition, the market, and other sources. Market research consultants then need to analyze the data they’ve gathered to make interpretations and recommendations that help a company improve its marketing practices.

Communication skills

Market research consultants should be able to communicate their ideas effectively to their clients. They should also be able to understand the client’s requirements and work together with them to enable the client’s success.

Once the market research consultant has made the necessary interpretations, they should be able to provide precise, actionable results to the client.

For a business to successfully implement the steps a market research consultant recommends, they need to understand that first. This means that a market research consultant needs to be good at simplifying their research. They need to analyze large amounts of data and then interpret the same for their clients.

Attention to detail

Being observant is key to finding success as a market research consultant. You’ll need to pore through sources, looking for important information. You may also need to read between the line while you’re communicating your ideas or trying to learn what people have to say.

You may also be handling multiple projects at the same time. This means that you should both be observant and be capable of multi-tasking.

The responsibilities of a market research consultant

A market research consultant’s responsibilities will depend on the client they’re working with. Each client will have different requirements and demands. However, specific responsibilities extend to all clients who choose to hire a market research consultant. These include:

  • Managing multiple projects, conducting surveys, performing data analysis, and making recommendations that help boost a company’s marketing.
  • The development as well as improvement of existing SQL queries.
  • The extraction of data using SQL.
  • Sourcing large amounts of data using SPSS.
  • We are using statistical models such as MATLAB and SPSS to understand the sales patterns and then suggest improvements.
  • They are performing bond brokerage services.
  • They are evaluating the price of tax exemption.
  • They are evaluating the price of tax-fixable income securities.
  • They are providing operational analytics support.
  • You are suggesting business process improvements.

A market research consultant can also have several other responsibilities, such as conducting surveys and poring through research. Market research consultants use their knowledge, as well as their skills in market analysis, to help companies improve their marketing operations.

Why market research consultants are necessary

A company that’s struggling with marketing and doesn’t understand how to improve will often approach a market research consultant. With the expertise and help of a market research consultant, companies hope to improve their marketing and increase their sales. With the help of a market research consultant, a company can understand where its marketing is lacking and how it can improve.

A market research consultant provides valuable analysis and then makes projections on marketing and improvements for a company. Using these projections, a market research analyst can help a business improve its marketing processes.

Market research consultants often gather large amounts of data and use statistical models to determine how to improve its marketing. They may also have to conduct surveys on the market and consumers to understand how they perceive the business.

Social media is another forté of market research consultants. They know how to help a business improve its consumer engagement on social media and develop brand awareness. To that end, a market research consultant can recommend changes and spearhead marketing projects that can help a company meet its marketing goals.

How much does a market research consultant make?

A market research consultant has an average salary of $66,377 in the US. However, a market research consultant can earn anywhere between $41,000 to upwards of $100,000. It all depends on the projects the market research consultant is working on and their experience and expertise.

When you’re just starting as a market research consultant, you may find that your earnings are on the lower end of the median. Don’t fret since this is a common experience for market research consultants.

As you develop your social contacts, expand your network, and gain new clients, you’ll find that you’re earning more.


A market research consultant gathers and then analyzes large amounts of data to help a company improve its marketing practices. Market research consultants are often hired by companies struggling with their marketing and need help with reaching their marketing goals.

To become a market research consultant, you’ll need to have industry experience, as well as a great deal of knowledge about the field. A market research consultant makes recommendations that help a business improve and can also do ad hoc tasks for their projects. This includes overseeing and managing the implementation of their projects.

A market research consultant needs to have strong analytical, as well as communication skills. They also need to have a good eye for details and should be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously. As a market research consultant, you’ll need to know how to use statistical models that can help you arrive at your conclusions. Market research consultants can make anywhere upwards of $40,000 a year. On average, they make around $31.91 per hour.

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