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The Fortitude of Nightborne Armor

The Fortitude of Nightborne Armor is a set of armor exclusive to the Nightborne race. The set is made up of four pieces- the chest, legs, gloves, and boots. Similar to many other armor sets that have existed in World of Warcraft since its inception, this armor provides excellent bonuses for survivability.

History of the Fortitude of Nightborne Armor

The Fortitude of Nightborne Armor is a legendary chest armor in the Dragon Age franchise. It is worn by Sera and Stroud in Dragon Age: Origins, and by Leliana and Briala in Dragon Age II.

The Fortitude of Nightborne Armor is said to be a gift from the god Andraste after she led a rebellion against the corrupt empire of Orlais. The armor was forged from the toughest materials available, including dragon scales and dragonbone. In order to show her gratitude, Andraste granted her followers the ability to walk in the night without fear of injury or attack.

The Fortitude of Nightborne Armor is one of the most powerful pieces of armor in the game, providing its wearer with high resistance to all physical damage, as well as enhanced stamina and health regeneration.

Important Pieces of Gear

The Fortitude of Nightborne Armor

Nightborne armor is often considered one of the most important pieces of gear in the game. In this blog, we will discuss why this is so, and what are some of the best Nightborne pieces of gear for DPS and tanking.

Stats and Roles for each piece of armor

Stats and Roles for each piece of Nightborne Armor:

-The Nightbane Armor set is the most powerful in the game, with high resistances to every type of damage and a very strong bonus to Stamina.

-The Chestpiece provides a great boost to both Stamina and Magicka, while also providing a hefty resistance to fire.

-The Leggings provide excellent protection from physical damage as well as magicka, and a resistance to frost.

-The Boots provide the highest stamina regeneration of any piece of armor in the game, making them perfect for those looking to stay alive longer in combat.

Usage In Combat

Nightborne armor has a storied history of being used in combat. The armor’s resilience to physical attacks and its ability to resist magic makes it an ideal piece of equipment for those looking for a formidable opponent. Additionally, theNightborne’s natural camouflage ability means that they can effectively slip past unsuspecting opponents and strike with little warning.

Positive and Negative Reactions to the Armo

The Fortitude of Nightborne Armor has been a topic of debate since it was announced. Some people love it and others hate it. The armor is exclusive to the Nightborne, and can only be obtained by purchasing the expansion pack, Legion.

The positive reactions to the armor are that it looks great and is very functional. Most people feel that it makes the Nightborne look powerful and unique. One complaint about the armor is that it is very expensive, and may not be affordable for all players.

The negative reactions to the armor are that some people feel that it is too similar to the vanilla Argent Armor set, which is popular among other classes. Additionally, many people feel that the chest piece looks ridiculous and does not fit well with the rest of the armor.




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