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Could Tech Nerf North Korea?

when we have a antagonistic us of a frequently lobbing missiles into the ocean with the said objective of remodeling a U.S. nation right into a radioactive cloud, we have a problem. One “oops” and we should turn out to be a 49-country state once more — and that is simplest if we forget about the issues with fallout and the capability for a nuclear winter (granted, that would be true news for the global warming oldsters).

but, the techniques to cutting the legs out from below North Korea largely have been in-the-box wondering: monetary sanctions that require China’s cooperation (and aren’t operating); military and assassination options that might cause retaliation that possibly might bring about a variety of us glowing at night; and revolution efforts that have little or no risk of succeeding.

nonetheless, there are agencies that have been operating on technologies that effectively could comprise North Korea’s missiles and flip their chief into more of a vocal than a physical problem. considering the fact that i’m on the West Coast and probably inside variety of his wrath, the concept of nerfing the fellow appeals to me.

i’ll provide an explanation for how tech ought to nerf North Korea and close with my manufactured from the week: a reminiscence module from Intel referred to as “Optane,” that is exceptional.

The North Korea hassle

one of the huge challenges with containing North Korea is geographic. It borders South Korea on the south and China on the north. The chinese border is big, and given the truth that China hasn’t been particularly useful with economic sanctions, punishing the u . s . a . has been problematic.

however, we are no longer dwelling within the middle a long time, and the risk from North Korea is not its status military however its growing capability with ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles). If the U.S. ought to enforce what essentially would be a missile no-fly area over North Korea, plenty of the chance would be mitigated. (Granted, deliver- and human-sporting bombs nevertheless would be a challenge, however we’ve conventional approaches of managing those kinds of threats.)

putting an impenetrable glass dome over the united states would be ideal, but getting Corning to make enough Gorilla Glass for that might be elaborate (even though immeasurably cool).

Intel Drone Swarms

Drone swarms are a component, and you could see them within the air over the Disney homes this summer (apparently this tech is advancing impressively).

those swarms include big numbers of incredibly low-price drones flying in tight synchronized formations, presently used in the main for amusement. The U.S. army has militarized the idea, though. What if it positioned a constantly refreshed drone swarm over North Korea, shifting it to correspond with the missile vans and launch platforms, as a result putting a swarm among the rockets and space?

It probably wouldn’t take an awful lot explosive to topple a rocket, and it additionally might be possible to lessen or do away with command/control statistics from attaining it, which also may want to purpose it to topple. Intel has been selling the concept of drone swarms for some time. i’ll wager they can be an powerful and comparatively low-price manner to ensure a no-fly zone, and they would paintings even better for planes and jets.

lamentably, China may have moved into the lead currently. on the other hand, China likely could sell us a ton of these drones cheap.

Of direction, we additionally would want a way to set up, repair and recharge the drone swarms.

Amazon’s Flying Warehouse-plane service

Amazon has proposed a huge flying structure to provider drones — it would hover over cities as kind of an automatic warehouse flight operations center.

at the same time as we are not quite equipped to set up S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers but, Amazon’s flying warehouses might be massive. but, their fee — in comparison to an plane provider, say — likely could be modest.

located over North Korea at strategic locations, these flying bases likely could do an amazing process of ensuring the drone swarms have been ready to deploy. Given they might be fully computerized, there might be little chance to the U.S. in the event that they were shot down.

you can surround them with shielding shields — just like the Phalanx system designed for ships, or metal hurricane, which is simply cool. that they had additionally be large sufficient to residence a railgun, which could be effective in opposition to launch web sites but in all likelihood no longer speedy enough to topple a missile.

are you able to believe the look on Kim Jong Un’s face if he have been to look out his window and notice Independence Day-elegance flying vendors transferring slowly across his borders to take positions over his country? speak approximately a polaroid moment.

Musk – attack of the Mole people

I can not omit Elon Musk. further to his spaceship enterprise, he has a tunneling company and is operating to improve large tunneling machines.

What if we used a chain of machines to tunnel from South Korea to North Korea, positioned hardened EMPs round vital regions of the u . s . a ., and then collapsed the tunnels?

If North Korea ought to release a missile, one flip of a switch could drop it into the pre-commercial age as a country. No lives could be lost — at least, now not first of all — and with the government down to hand weapons, the capacity for revolution would cross up instead dramatically, and nearly right away.

Granted, the build time for this type of gadget would be measured in years, and we might constantly want to replace the EMPs found and dug up by way of the North Koreans, however we would basically have a one-button grounding functionality for maximum aircraft and any missiles that were not massively hardened.

robotic Invasion

one of the problems with the navy operation in North Korea is the floor part of the engagement, which likely might price loads of heaps of lives. but, each the U.S. and China were running on militarized robot dog-like robots for a while. these items appearance scary, despite the fact that that in reality isn’t a design detail. It wouldn’t be specifically tough to feature weapons to them and cause them to frightening to look.

it’s far tremendous how near we are becoming to Terminator-level era. This model, as an instance, is basically a small robotic tank able to circulate at very high speeds. on this generation, it’s miles non-deadly — assuming it does not scare the target to death.

believe a few thousand of these things excessive-pace dropped into any us of a. a holiday in Switzerland abruptly may appear a long way extra attractive than repelling an invasion.

Wrapping Up

I assume that technology could assist offer a method to keeping North Korea contained, although there is a threat of a “use it or lose it” mentality as the technologies have been deployed that likely could need to be dealt with conventionally at the beginning (perhaps a hoop of Patriot missile batteries).

not one of the technologies i’ve highlighted are collectively one of a kind — as an instance, we ought to have each an air-based totally flying drone swarm service and a wave of high-velocity floor assault robots hitting the usa right now — and, come to think of it, we could start by firing off the underground EMPs to lessen any reaction severely.

ultimately, although — and critically — we have to stop thinking conventionally approximately issues like rogue countries. If Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us anything, it is that conventional guns in large part are inefficient when invading a rustic and containing the related troubles.

we’ve the generation, and we finally will use it. Why not pass the “use” element up in order that it is able to be greater powerful in opposition to today’s issues rather than just the next day’s?

I attached it to a system with a brand new Samsung Evo 500-GB drive, and the burden pace for my video games become nothing brief of brilliant. (you would see an excellent larger leap with an ordinary huge difficult force).

My cutting-edge sport of desire is Ashes of the Singularity (which also has a respectable ebook to go along with it, by using the manner), and its load instances, pre-Optane, were glacial. Now, the sport is up after only some seconds and i am in it, making this one of the nice $seventy seven device values i’ve ever visible.

but, be aware that Optane works best on current Intel motherboards that assist it, so this is possibly best in case you are building a new Kaby Lake device — not as an improve to a system you already are quite glad with (due to the fact the cost of a new motherboard and processor is going to set you again in the direction of $seven hundred than $70, and Optane isn’t that good yet).

Be aware that you also need to install a 5-MB partition on the stop of your number one drive to get this to work (which turns out isn’t always the perfect element inside the world to do), and it will work simplest with SATA drives proper now — now not with M.2 drives (both instructions I discovered the difficult way).

nevertheless, i am universal very pleased with the Optane module — pleased sufficient that i’ve made it my made from the week.



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