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IT Solutions – Prevention Solutions for Ransomware

Over the past three years, more and more units have been prey to a potentially dangerous virus that is hard to detect, called CryptoLocker, and have to call the computer cleaning service. This is ransomware that blocks the files on the compromised computer and then asks the user to purchase a password to decrypt them. Since the effects of the virus are irreversible without paying a fee, we present some relevant information about CryptoLocker and simple ways to prevent computer malware.

What does ransomware mean?

Ransomware is a name that refers to a hazardous category of computer viruses. When downloaded into the computer, the ransomware blocks the user’s access to the information he holds and asks him to pay a certain amount of money to be able to re-access the data.You can check here for more information about ransomware.

Most often, the ransomware virus spreads to the system via a mail sent to the user. Once installed, decrypting files (whether it’s music, movies, documents, photos, etc.) is quite tricky.

CryptoLocker – Specifications and Features

CryptoLocker Virus is a ransomware that targets computers running Microsoft Windows, its first appearance on the Internet being September 5, 2013. CryptoLocker Virus is propagated as an attachment to an apparently harmless email message that appears to have been sent by a company respectable, trustworthy. The attached ZIP file contains a document with a “disguised” icon in a PDF (actually .EXE), taking advantage of the default Windows setting to hide the extension from the file name.

When downloaded and enabled, this CryptoLocker ransomware encrypts certain types of files stored on the computer (such as photos, documents, videos, emails, saved conversations, etc.), with the private key saved only on the virus control server. Crypto Locker is a malware that displays a message that states that data will be decryptedonly if a payment is made within a set deadline and, moreover, threatens to delete the private key if the deadline passes, and all files stored on your computer will be erased forever, even if the computer’s devising service is subsequently applied.

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Once the files become encrypted, they are blocked in a way that IT specialists find it impossible to decipher and break. Many people believe that the redemption should not be paid, but they did not offer any other way to recover the data, while others say the redemption payment was the only way to get back into possession of the documents. Symantec, an American company with an impressive IT reputation, estimated that 3% of users who were affected by CryptoLocker chose to pay. It is believed that virus inventors have earned a total of about $ 3 million from Trojan horse casualties. Companies like Decypher Technologies Denver can help you act against this risk.

Tips for protecting against CryptoLocker

CryptoLocker spreads by email. Therefore, our recommendations are as follows:

  • Take care of emails from people/companies you do not know, which you have not heard, especially those that have attached various files.
  • Activate the.EXE file filtering option in your email. -> If you can filter the incoming emails by considering the extension, you should reject messages that contain “.EXE” files or refuse emails sent with files that have two extensions, the last being “EXE.”
  • Do not forget the importance of having a backup system for important files. This will help alleviate damage caused not only by malware infections but also by hardware issues or any other incidents.
  • Update the software whenever you have the opportunity -> This action is useful to protect you from any malicious virus, whether CryptoLocker or any other malware threat. Virus inventors target people who use outdated software with known vulnerabilities that they can exploit to get into the system. Therefore, continual updating can significantly reduce the risk of being infected with a virus.
  • If you become a CryptoLocker virus victim and even if you do not have a backup of your computer data, we recommend that you do not pay for the ransom. This is not a good solution because it turns malware into a highly profitable business model and will help to flush this type of attack. See here.

At the same time, through IT Assistance Management and IT Support, reports and statistics can be generated about the state of the equipment, consumables, warranty periods, inventory of software and software licenses.



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