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Skullcandy Indy Review – Step By Step Instructions

Skullcandy is trying really hard to survive in the true wireless headphones business. Started their mark with Push Truly Wireless, they have recently launched their new pair of true wireless headphones, Skullcandy Indy. The previous ones were known for their excellent fit, tight noise isolation, and controls. Coming to the latest one, it must have been an improvement from the last but Skullcandy has played too much with its design. This time Skullcandy has gone with AirPods design which is a bold move but the fit is an issue here. Yes, this pair also provides everything but fitting seems to be an issue here. Is it an issue which can be compromised?  Is it a worthy buy? Let’s check it out in the Skullcandy Indy review below:


The SkullcandyIndys got a similar look and feel like AirPods of Apple- but in black color fashion. You get a dental floss design- a long downward portion housing the mic and battery. You also get the touch controls here which are also present in the AirPods. The touch controls basically help in adjusting volume controls and control the playback. The device has got in-ear design which is a plus point for this product as it helps in better sound quality and noise isolation. Also, the bass comes out really good- punchy in style!

Now comes the worst part- you might not get the best fit as it is an in-ear design. It is really difficult to get the best fit as the package has all ear tips- small, medium, and large- but no one gives the perfect in-ear fit. So, when it comes to getting the best fit, this product might disappoint you. It is not the pair you want to keep in your ears for hours- they might start itching.

Talking about the case, it is bulky and can give around 16 hours of music to its users. It is something which will also kill some fans as the other products are bringing over 24 hours of listening time in the market. Also, the case gets charged by microSD card instead of USB-C charger. Another annoying part of this pair!


Now that this pair has disappointed us with its performance, let’s check out how this pair performs in the real world. Talking about how this pair performs, it is really good when it comes to music. The Skullcandy Indy gives punchy bass to its users which is to be loved by anyone and everyone. It is just like any other Skullcandy product- full of punches, nice sound quality, and rich bass. Yes, sometimes bass overpowers the mid-range frequencies at times. But, it doesn’t annoy you at any point in time.

Everything is perfectly balanced- from bass, lows, highs to mids. Listening to the songs at peak high volume might annoy you. So, keeping it around 80 percent and low will serve you good with the quality of the music you want to listen. Lack of resolution makes it even better as you get to listen to some softness in the music. Overall, it makes it a soft sound pair with rich bass.

When it comes to soundstage, it is narrow which makes music not coming from around but form the center. It feels itchy at times but that’s what it is. Yes, it is a bit of disappointing edge of this pair of headphone but at this price, we can understand it. Coming to the battery performance, the pair can easily give you 4 hours of music on a single charge and you can easily get three full juices from the bulky case.Moreover if you are looking for Repco bank recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it

Final Verdict

The Skullcandy Indy is a nice set but could have touched the incredible bar if it could have been fitting in comfortably. If you are the lucky one getting the best fit, then this might be the one pair for you. Everything is on par- from bass, sound quality, and noise isolation. Yes. It comes at a really affordable price but if you can push your budget bit higher, then there are better options waiting for you. There are many good alternatives to this pair of headphones including Samsung Galaxy Buds, Sol Republic Amos Air, and NuForce BE Free5. Over all of them, there is the RHA TrueConnect which is the best pair of true wireless headphones of this year with the highest price tag among all.



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