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Setting Up Satellite Signals on Garmin’s New Device Approach Z80

 The Garmin Approach series delivers everything to golfers in a much smaller device. The question is which unit should you be looking at when all the Garmin Approach devices are excellent products? And, recently Garmin has launched one of its best Golf GPS devices, Approach Z80 in the market, which basically has many new exciting features.

 Let’s Explore Garmin’s New Laser Range Approach Z80

 It’s a good product to buy for golfers as it has all the majorfeatures that you need on a golf course. This time, Garmin has also added a laser range finder to the device. The graphic quality is similar to a GPS watch with a Birdseye view that lets you see your position on the hole and things in between you and the golf putting cup. This will help you plan your next shot by giving you the exact shape of the hole.

 What’s More…

You’ll get a yardage of 350 yards and additional features, such as course maps in viewfinder that allows golfers to judge the distance between hazards and layups, and also the true shape of the green on over 41,000 courses worldwide.

Unlike other laser range finder devices, the Garmin’s Approach Z80 has 2D overlays to offer you both full-color Course View and details through lens on the Green View detail.

The device has a new & updated viewfinder with a 2D course with full-color mapping. Also, the feature of flag finder will help you lock the flag to give precise distances to the pin along with the map zoom-in feature that will automatically show you the position of the green overlaid in 2-D and distances in the golf course.

When looking through its Laser Range Arc feature, it allows golfer to see if the pin is located rightly at the front, middle or back of the green. The laser arc will also be helpful in ranging other targets on the golf course.

Thus, the Approach Z80 is a complete solution for golfers and for those, who’re waiting for Garmin’s laser range to have accurate golf course layout and par information.

How to Setup Satellite Signals on Garmin’s Approach Z80?

 Step 1

To achieve signals, go outdoors to an open area and make sure that the device should be faced towards the sky.

Step 2

Just wait for a while until the device locates the satellite.It may take a few seconds to locate satellite signals.

What If Device Not Getting Signals In The Golf Course?

 Step 1

Your device may be missing course data because of interruption in course ‘Update’ process. To solve this issue, you must try updating the courses again on your device.

Step 2

You can install course updates from the Garmin Express (For Garmin map update and more check Garmin’s website).

Step 3

Once the Garmin updateis done, disconnect your device safely by removing the USB Cable.

Step 4

Take the device out in the golf field, and take a test around the field to verify that your device finds the nearby courses or not. That’s it!

If you have any question regarding device functionality, call on Garmin customer care to instant seek help on Garmin tech issues and on the latest Garmin map updates.

 In the End

The Garmin Approach Z80 is a new addition to the Golf GPS device range with improved features to provide players matchless functionality, better than other GPS golf devices present in the market.



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