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How to run a successful automatic emails on your travel brands that should convert for you?

The automatic emails have become an essential part of any effective marketing campaign. Thanks to them, we can reach our audience whenever we need or need it. And best of all: that way they will be more likely to convert. In any case, there are a series of emails that we must automate. Otherwise, we would be unable to deal with the manual delivery of such a large number of emails and we would lose a good opportunity to improve the reputation of our brand (as well as the sales index). Automation is key, especially when our database grows every day or we have a large number of records (or both at the same time). We already have done a successful testing on this travel brand named “Copenhagen Cheap Flights“, the initial test came up with a great outcome for them.

What are automatic emails?

Automatic emails are like those messages that you send to your contacts when you are out of the office. Use this example to demonstrate that email marketing campaigns do not always have to be sent manually. The use of autoresponders and the creation of workflows for marketing automation allow us to launch certain campaigns at specific time intervals (what is being programmed to send a shipment ) or in response to certain actions of your customers (for example, an email of thanks after making a purchase).

Another great advantage of automatic emails is audience segmentation: they can be sent as an individual message or as part of a larger campaign, something like a constant trickle of commercial touches. Imagine that a client signs up on your website: instead of sending you a single welcome email, you can create a strategy for several emails that guide the user step by step through the details of the product or service you are selling. And so, little by little, qualify the user until he is mature enough to close the sale. Have you ever heard us talk about lead nurturing?

When it comes to automating the sending of an email you can design infinite requirements that the user must meet before the system launches that campaign. For example, consult a certain page, download a whitepaper or leave a product in the virtual shopping cart. The cookies and your email manager will take care of the rest.

Different types of automatic mail

How you communicate with your audience depends on many factors: from the industry you work to your target audience, obviously, through the objectives of your campaign. These and other elements will affect the way you contact your potential and existing customers. So that you have a little more clarity on what all this consists, we have prepared a list of the five automatic emails that cannot be missing in your manager. Let’s see them

Thank you email

As a seller, you constantly ask your subscribers to do something for you. Sign up to receive a newsletter, download an e-book, complete a survey … Put yourself in the client’s place and imagine that you carry out this action in the real world, that is, outside the digital environment. Would you think of not thanking them? If you ask someone to do something for you, what less than to thank the gesture. It is very simple! And on the internet, the same. All you have to do is send an automatic email immediately after the user has completed an action. By the way, a perfect thank you email always includes a discount code …Be good with your clientele!

Welcome email

Let’s go back to the physical world: you’re organizing a dinner, you throw a series of invitations to your friends and, sometime later, they start knocking on your door. The normal thing is that you open and salutes, right? Well, the same should be done with your subscribers. It is true that asking to send us a newsletter is a little (or rather a lot) of going to a party, but good manners must be present in all areas of our lives. Sending an email welcoming does not cost anything!

Introduce your team

Human stories always capture the attention of the audience. Therefore, presenting your team and all the people behind your brand can help you connect with people. We encourage you to launch an email of these characteristics whenever you want, for example, to convince the subscribers to support one of your causes. These emails are perfect to show that behind that screen there is also a group of people who are doing everything possible to deliver value to the user. And attention: it’s always easier to ask for a favor if they give you a name and a face.

Offer your applications (if you have them)

Do you have an online store? A personal blog? A service platform? It does not matter: you’ll want your customers to turn to you again. A good way to remember that you are at your disposal is to send an email informing about the publication or the existence of an application for mobile phones and tablets. Let them know that they can access all the information and all the products through it.

If you do not have an app, it is very important that you have a website optimized for mobile. The audience must have an excellent experience when browsing through these devices. Speed, for example, is a key factor.

This message fits very well among new users who are beginning to become familiar with your offer of products and services. In addition to that, it is also worth remembering the existence of our application to those who have not yet used it. After all, our goal is to interact with our brand as much as possible.

Your order is on the way

Order confirmation emails are very popular among e-commerce companies: it is the unmistakable signal that you have listened to the customer who has just made a payment. You already know that users always get a little nervous when they make an online transaction. And it’s normal! Buying online is often almost a matter of faith. Therefore, an email of these characteristics is always well received. In it, you can include useful information that indicates, for example, how the product should be used, take care of it or change it, among other options. you may also read Chaos Threatens Tech Takeover.

And many other alternatives

There are many other emails that you can implement in your email marketing strategy. We leave you a few ideas with contents of all kinds so that you can reach your audience in multiple ways:

  • Request for opinions.
  • Product reviews.
  • Presentation of the best-qualified products.
  • Recommendations.
  • Blog updates
  • Invitations to webinars.
  • Reminders of events.
  • E-mail reactivation or recollection of sleeping audiences.
  • Discount reminders about to expire.
  • Follow up after someone visits your site.
  • Follow up after the event.
  • Email birthday and anniversary.
  • Mail informing of the existence of an abandoned cart.
  • Email requesting the subscription to the newsletter.
  • Update the wish list.
  • Expiration of the account.


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