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Reign SEO 2020 with the Top 4 Content Marketing Tips and Tricks!

As of 2020, the endeavours of all businesses to come up with content that is audio, written, visual, or event-oriented induces a thoughtful, fresh, and compelling perspective among the target audience. Catering to this, about 95% of B2C marketers have become committed to content marketing at some level. Subsequently, post-dependence on content marketing,  businesses brands have been increasing their investment in content marketing.

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Taking a cue from this, 81% of leaders have been keeping content marketing at the centre of their marketing skills. Here are a few of the top content marketing tips and tricks that would come in handy in 2020 –

Tip 1: Re-throne social media updates

SEO and the digital realm both keep getting updated at frequent intervals. In this regard, any update in the social media platform gets backdated swiftly. Consequently, the new generations are getting hooked to new formats of social media that include stories and live videos.

Such a tectonic shift in the social media platform has led to different content marketing strategies of story-telling via social media, thereby making it –

  • Ephemeral
  • Faster
  • More creative

As per the recent data on the social media platform –

  • Five hundred million users publish stories daily on Instagram, and 33.33% of such popular stories are posted by businesses alone.
  • The authenticity of the content and its unedited format is considered the reason for its popularity
  • One-fourth of the Gen Z and Millennials look into stories of a product before purchasing it.

Tip 2: Look into omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing has been gaining ground among content writing services    considering its potential to drive boosted brand loyalty and engagement. Subsequently, more than 70% of consumers follow up with multiple channels across shopping journeys.

Here are some content marketing strategies that content marketers can adopt –

  • Increase online visibility
  • Boosted brand recognizability
  • Look into content re-packaging details

Tip 3: Replace semantic optimisation with keyword matching

With the advent of artificial intelligence in the content platform, Google’s algorithm grows more advanced. As of now, content writers and organisations need to be prepared for this content marketing tips and tricks – the semantic optimisation. The current Google algorithm is designed to understand a user’s intent beyond the exact string of keyword keyed in.

In this regard, Google’s ‘natural language’ tool is beneficial in revealing the meaning and structure of the text. Such tools are essential to break down any content into their underlying entities and concepts to ensure better content research.

Tip 4: Hail AI-driven personalisation of content

Ignoring the privacy concern, advanced personalisation is steadily gaining grounds. In these lines, the majority of the consumers share their data against receiving a similar personalised shopping experience. Such personalisation drives purchase intent and customer loyalty towards a brand.

A necessary part of the top content marketing trends 2020, AI-driven personalised content requires some initiatives –

  • Setting up ‘on-demand’ content channels
  • Creating email recommendations
  • Generating personalised experience for loyal readers

With such queued-up content marketing tips and tricks, all businesses irrespective of the genre of their trade, have an option to boost their online presence. A digital footprint of this capacity can create a significant impact on the current and prospective target audience. While content marketing progresses with its amalgamation with digital advancements, the chances of witnessing an improvised version of content are boosted optimally.



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