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Rehab Centers get Hi-Tech

Drug and alcohol addiction are chronic brain diseases which causes physical and psychological changes in a person’s behavior. When an alcohol or drug dependency forms, a person continues with their toxic habit while putting themselves and others in harm’s way. Find out about Melbourne rehab centers soon!

What are the types of treatments and services available?

There are various types of treatments and services available to help such as individual and group counseling, inpatient and residential treatment, partial hospital programs, intensive outpatient treatment, medication and 12-step fellowship.

How does addiction affect the family?

Addiction affects a person, physically and emotionally. However, the family is also affected in numerous ways. The addicted person often separates himself from his family and friends and also loses interest in activities that he previously had interests in, especially those activities that deal with friends and family.

Addiction also causes emotional turmoil and negativity inside the family unit and with friends. Those addicted on drugs and alcohol become secretive and dishonest and that puts pressure and stress on family and friends.

In addition, because addiction constantly affects a person’s brain and body, family members and friends are often forced into the role of caretaker. The person addicted to drugs and alcohol, will over time, become isolated from their family and friends. Addiction, because it takes money, will often cause financial instability for those addicted and those trying to help him or her.

Types of technology that is helping

Technology is helping many who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. For example, the smartphone app can be used to maintain sobriety.

  • The mobile app is being used by some to help during the recovery process.
  • During certain time periods the app asks user questions via text or voicemail about how they are doing.
  • In addition, the app also has a “panic button” that tells others who are closest to the user and offers guidance in relaxation techniques for the user while they waited for help.

Virtual Meetings Anytime

Virtual meetings are becoming popular because if a person in recovery is ill and can’t make it to meetings or for other reasons can’t attend, they can join a meeting online and listen. One example is in the

What about virtual reality?

Virtual reality headsets are becoming a reality in various ways.

  • They are becoming helpful for those in recovery who want to engage in directed role play so that they can develop coping skills in situations that challenge their recovery.
  • Virtual environments, given directly through VR headsets stir up temptations and help people learn skills on how to get through harmful situations.

Other Hi-Tech developments

Gaming, anti-gravity, robotic and aquatics are Hi-Tech developments that are currently helping some with addiction problems. One Hi-Tech tool that is gaining popularity is the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This device helps people to walk in a weightless or near-weightless environment and helps to strengthen muscles, improve endurance and improve balance. Technology is leading the way toward health and healing for the addicted person.

To conclude, drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic brain disease which causes physical and psychological changes in a person’s behavior. Talk with your counselor soon and find out how technology can help you!



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