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How to Recover, Migrate EDB to Office 365 by Manual Method or Software

Description: Ways to import Exchange EDB to Office 365 using the manual process i.e. PowerShell commands and via PST. Exchange server migration to Office 365 has become necessary for organizations because of challenges faced in Exchange On-Premises and advanced features of Office 365 cloud platform.

Top Three Ways to Migrate EDB to Office 365 Mailbox

Are you looking for a solution that will help to migrate Exchange mailbox to Office 365 account? If yes, then, you have landed at the correct place. Here, in this blog, we will discuss all possible measures along with certain reasons.

In Today’s arena, there’s a greatest advancement in the growing technology. Besides this, the EDB is a main repository ofMS Exchange mailbox database. It includes all items such asemails, contacts, folders, etc. But, nowadays most of the companies are heading towardsExchange Online. The reason being is to remove server version that is running the cost of capital, advance the data management, and so on. Therefore, in the upcoming segment, we will discussvarious issues associated with EDB files and methods to migrate EDB to Office 365 in an efficient way.

Challenges with Exchange EDB Database

WheneverMS Exchange database .edb file gets corrupted, all the saved data in it might get wiped proving to be disastrous for an organization. Some of the aspects, which may cause corruption in Exchange EDB file or certain reasons to convert EDB to Office 365suite, are:

  • Exchange server gets infected with malware infections.
  • Microsoft Exchange dirty shutdown due to inappropriate system shutdown
  • Due to power failure, MS Exchange Server gets crashed
  • Corrupt or damaged header of some email messages
  • Accidental deletion of messages.

Due to all of these issues, most users want to transfer their data from the EDB to Office 365 account.

Two Ways to Import Exchange EDB to Office 365Suite

There are two different ways by which one can migrate its data from Exchange mailbox to Office 365 via PST file format. Some of them arediscussed below:

Approach 1: Using Power ShellCommand

  • Open Exchange Power shell on your local machine to transfer EDB files to Office 365 manually
  • In the export process, you should run Add-PSSnapin c This script is used to assemble multiple add-ins of MS Exchange in Windows PowerShell.
  • If you need to export the complete mailbox to Outlook PST format, then you can utilize the following cmdlet to export it
  • For this, the full mailbox from which the data can be exported i.e., Aria and a shared folder in which the resultant file will be stored is PSTShare. The name of an output file will be selected by end users. In that case, it is named aspst.
  • Onceit is done successfully, the complete data will be migrated to aria.pst file
  • The yellow command, which you can view in the next screenshot. It simply means that the script has been generated successfully.
  • Now, you can see the outputpst file as displayed in below figure:
  • You can easily create an archive file by the below command to migrate EDB to Office 365 Now, the file is called aria_archive.pst
  • As shown before, the ContentFilter script can be used for converting selective Exchange data during the procedure to import EDB to Office 365
  • The next command that you can utilize to exclude Sent Items folder from being converted to an intermediate file, is ExcludeFolder.The name of resultant file is aria_excludesent.pst.

Approach 2: Import EDB to Exchange Online via PST

To convert EDB database to Office 365, you have to move the data of intermediate file to Exchange Online, there are two different ways as mentioned below:

  • Upload Via Network:For this, users need to upload each file over a network for storage of Microsoft After that, the import service beingused which is offered by Office 365 mailbox to help a user copy the data to mailboxes. Thus, in this way you can easily import EDB file to Office 365 without any difficulty.
  • Physically Ship Drive: In any case, the user wants to copy the particular data to a hard drive, which is also encrypted for protection from an unauthorised access. This drive can be shipped physically to Microsoft Corporation from where Data center branch will route a copy as described in the first process. Next, users can import the whole data from Azure to Office 365 mailbox.

Go through the following steps, so that users can carry out a file upload process:

  • Download and install the PST Import Tool on your localsystem to continue the process to migrate Exchange database to Office
  • When you import Outlook data files (PST) via network through uploading, Azure AzCopy tool needs to be downloaded to execute the task.
  • Then, you can use the storage key and will get a file uploaded on Azure by using the URL. Check the protected state of a file during the procedure.
  • With the help of AzCopy tool, to transfer the data to MS Office 365. As the optional way, users can download the Storage Explorer to view the uploaded data file. It is a freeware utility to importEDB to Office 365 mailbox
  • Next, create the CSV file for defining the imported data on Office 3
  • Import migrated EDB file to Office 365 profile and submit an import-mapping file for particular Once the mapping is finished, the import service will startautomatically.

Reliable Way to Peform Exchange EDB To Office 365 Migration

As the manual approach is very lengthy and time-consuming, so users can opt for a reliable third-party tool i.e., Exchangeto Office 365 Migrator.This application helps toconvert EDB database to Office 365 mailboxin the proper way. It is capable enough to recover severely corrupted EDB files. It maintains the on-disk folder structure throughout the migration process. It iscompatible with all Windows 10 & below versions. Moreover, it has a simple and interactive interface that even a novice user can understand its layout without any hassle.

Wrapping Up

In the above-discussion, we have discussed two manual approaches to migrate EDB to Office 365 mailbox. But, all these methods have some limitations. To overcome all such constraints,we have suggested an automated solution named as Exchange to Office 365 Migrator. It is designed in such a way to transfer the EDB database to Office 365 without any risk or data loss. Along with this, we have stated the most amazing features of the tool in a clear way.



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