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A picture perfect cake with 5 types of frosting

A cake should be perfect in all the ways be it in taste, presentation or in the frosting. The thing which makes every cake a picture perfect is frosting, without this no cake is going to look good in presentation. The frosting is important for any cake to add flavor and abundance to it which will make the cake looks interesting and gives the smooth texture on the top of the cake. With the help of frosting, you can design your cake accordingly like for birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, valentine day cakes or for any other cakes for different celebrations. The frosting has a moist texture which allows the cake to endure the moist texture of the cake. 

The frosting is very delicate and important part of a cake and at the time of frosting, you need to be very careful as it should be of a smooth texture and need to look neat and clean. Frosting can be done on cakes, cupcakes, donuts, pancakes, and cookies. But a single frosting cannot be used for all these desserts, it depends on the desserts.
Here are few types of frosting for to understand which frosting is been used for which frosting-

1.Buttercream frosting

types of frosting

It is the frosting which is made up of butter and icing sugar and it has very smooth texture and can easily be spread on the cake. This frosting is mainly used for cakes and cupcakes, many use egg yolk in this cream for making it more richer in taste and for the natural yellow color. This frosting is basically used in vanilla flavor but you can use any flavor of your choice.

2.Cheese cream


It is same as the buttercream but in this instead of butter cheese cream is being used and it will taste better if it is used chilled. This frosting is best for red velvet cake, chocolate cakes, carrot and pumpkin cake. Red velvet cake and cheese cream frosting works excellent with each other in presentation as well as in taste. You can add the flavor of choice in it.


picture perfect cake

It is frosting which is thin and glossy but it becomes harder when dried and basically used for Coffee cakes, Bundt cakes and for shortbread cookies. This frosting will go well with lemon or orange and chocolate, this frosting is sprinkled or brushed on the cake.

4.Boiled frosting

birthday cakes

This is the frosting is basically for layered cakes as it is made with sugar, corn syrup, and water. This frosting is being used from the 1800s, this frosting is bit sticky in texture and it is advisable to use it when it is at room temperature as it prepared by heating the sugar and water together to form a syrup so let it set for some time and then use between the layers of cake. It becomes hard when it cools down.


5 types of frosting.

This frosting is best for designer cakes or the cakes which have to be in shapes like Barbie doll cakes, car or bike cakes, Mickey mouse cakes, wedding cakes and many more. This is made up of sugar, water, and gelatin, it is of clay like texture which is rolled on top of the cake. This frosting is very useful to make designs with as this will hold the cake into the design which you will give to it.
So these are the frosting which is being used in every cake and make every cake looks delicious. You can find more info about the cakes for all occasions to enjoy with and a good option for gifting also.  



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