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PHP Development Companies – All Business Processes in an ERP System

In a continually evolving business environment, in order to be successful, a company must always be connected to the needs of its customers and offer professional services with an excellent price-quality ratio.

Every company is different, with a unique profile, even if we are talking about the same industry in which it operates or different industries, needs vary from one company to another.Imenso Software listens to each client and learns together; we had each new challenge, we came up with solutions for each one, we simplified and automated the workflow,and the results appeared.

ERP solution India makes the difference in a company; this is meant to simplify the work of each employee, whether we are talking about a small, medium or large company. Soft1 ERP stands out and differs in the market because it offers the latest generation of technologies that have become mandatory in any business environment. The built-in mobility solutions and the fact that this software is modular provides a wealth of advantages and benefits: it does not require significant financial investments (subscription licensing), quick implementation, flexibility (for the choice of modules), customization of each in part, done on customer needs, data security, mobility and simplicity in operation. See here.

ERP’s functionalities cover all departments within Imenso Software, help you grow your business by simplifying business processes and improving your business productivity and enabling you to integrate them into one system:

  • Commercial Activities
  • Financial Management
  • Management Stocks
  • production
  • CRM
  • Web & Mobile Apps
  • Reporting tools
  • Customization tools

How can I automate warehouse processes?

When small and medium businesses want to deploy a WMS solution, questions often arise as to whether the solutions we implement include robots such as those used by Amazon. Of course, PHP application development in India can also perform such solutions, but for now, we have alternative methods at more advantageous prices.

Barcode Scanner implemented for Warehouse Management

Using barcodes on the warehouse allows warehouse workers to manage their products better. We also know at any time at what stage of processing the product is located and can communicate to the consumer or partner. The newest barcode scanners are very light and can connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone or can be embedded in a smartphone that sends the information in the cloud directly.

Additional info:

AWB automatically printed

Most couriers offer the possibility of automating printing orders for picking up parcels. An integrated tracking service can improve both the order processing times and the consumer experience that you will know at any time where the package is.

A complete parcel tracking system must also include the retracted parcels module because valuable time is lost when a return parcel is opened to see what it contains. These solutions allow you to store and identify the products inside your packages through a simple scan.

Automation processes through an ERP solution

Orders placed via phones, online or through the Facebook page, can all be centralized through an ERP that will send the customer and the status of the law in real time.

You always know the order status by just checking the application,and the order statuses can be automated so that when the order was placed on the courier, the consumer also receives a notification e-mail.

These were just 3 of the solutions we offer for warehouse management. For more answers, check out Imenso Software from India.

Is your business secure? Security solutions

Computer attacks are more and more present today. An antivirus is not enough to protect you from new viruses. The security of vital business files can be accessed through several methods. I’ll list the most used of these, such as phishing, ransomware, viruses, worms and perhaps most importantly, an attack that uses social-engineering.

Employee training on security issues

Employees working with sensitive files must have security training because alienating those files can cause massive damage.

Employees must be regularly informed about security procedures imposed by security experts, as a cybernetic attack can spread across multiple channels.

Consultation of experts

Consult the experts before selecting an ERP system. The industry is saturated with solutions. Some ERP systems are better suited for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), others for larger enterprises. ERPs can also be vertical-specific meaning some are tailored for apparel distributers, others are ideal for aerospace. Thankfully there’s free tools available online where you can compare your shortlisted solution with your requirements, such as this one about IFS’ system.

Security people are aware of new threats online and know how to prevent files from being infected with proactive defense methods.

Recovering infected files

If the infection prevention could not be ensured, then security experts will try to save the files. This process fails all the time, so it is recommended that real-time back-up of vital business files.

Growing companies face some problems with “obsolete” ERP because:

They have difficulties in managing resources, sales, and customers because they have a high volume of information that needs to be processedpromptly and managed at the same time:

  • I use several types of software for different departments within the company. They have a large amount of information but do not have easy access to them
  • ERP’s maintenance and technical support is hard to do
  • ERP updates have not been made for a long time
  • It no longer satisfies the company’s current needs and can not keep up with its development
  • Being an old software, only a few ERP consultants know how to maintain / repair / customize or install

If you find some of the issues listed above in your company, then you should turn to another ERP software.Changing the ERP may seem like a real headache because you need to migrate the database, get familiar with the new software, and employees need to be trained but if you choose the ERP software and the right company to help and assist you this transition will not regret.

A current ERP solution is designed to streamline and automate employee work by helping them make faster decisions based on real-time reporting and information. This solution gives you the opportunity to integrate all procedures in each department in a single system. Read this.

The PHP interpreter acts as an additional component, an extension of the web server that is invoked whenever a PHP page is accessed. This component processes the source code on the page and then transmits the result back to the web server, eventually reaching the users’ browsers.



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