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New Communication Strategies Adopted By Teachers In COVID-19

The advent of the global pandemic has absolutely changed the conventional daily operation of different industries. As the world is waging a full-fledged war against the invisible enemy, it is time to cling on to the trending technologies to carry out the day to day tasks. Today in this blog we will learn about the tech that educational institutions are following to keep up with the transforming situations. This will help you to follow the latest tech or create something or your own.  

The spread of coronavirus has forced the people to remain confined with the four walls of their homes and practice social distancing.    This means one cannot gather to shop, celebrate, or even study. But this does not mean that we have to sit idol and act as a mere spectator as the world get the unexpected makeover. It is a must that we learn to live with the new normal, rather than just waiting for the virus to leave our planet or its cure.

that is the reason why teachers all over the world have adopted the trending technologies to facilitate seamless communication with their students present in remote locations. This has enabled them to take the lessons and boost up the knowledge gaining process under tough circumstances. It is time that we learn about these techs that are helping and shaping the minds of budding leaders all over the world. So without any further ado, shall we continue?   

How Are Teachers Communicating With Students During COVID-19?

Just like in other fields, app technology here too has established a strong foothold of its futuristic advancements. It is time we take a good look at the different ways of communication that teachers have adopted during the lockdown because of the pandemic.

1. Skype

It is a telecommunication app that allows users to do video and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobiles, etc. It also enables instant messaging service and permits the users to share videos, chats, images, gifs, documents, and much more. Here one can also relish video conferencing. It makes the lives of its users easy by delivering them with a platform to communicate over the internet. It follows the monetization technique of a freemium model.     

2. Zoom

This platform immediately expanded with the advent of coronavirus. It is an American telecommunication app. With its headquarters in San Jose, this application technology is effectively solving the problems of many educational institutions.

The reason behind the unmatchable popularity of Zoom is the easy to use platform. It delivers online chat services, video calls with the help of peer-to-peer software platform. Its is being used for a variety of tasks like-

  • Teleconferencing
  • Telecommuting
  • Distance education
  • Social relations

3. Google Meet & Classroom

It is a video communication application created by Google, and it is considered to be an enterprise-friendly version of Google Hangouts. Later because of COVID-19, the company started providing free features to its audience, which earlier required an enterprise account. The popularity of this app ameliorated as the offices and educational institutions started using it for various communication purposes. Google classroom is another app by the tech giant that is known to be the most comprehensive portal for communication. It let the users take part in discussions, share assignments, etc. Students can provide their assignments through this platform allowing easy access to the teacher. 

4. Edmodo

it enhances the interaction between two parties outside the classroom. One can discuss, video call, and fetch a variety of content here. This platform is known to provide a source of in-depth discussions, and here it gets a lot easier to track a student’s performance.

5. Remind

It is a free portal to text students and parents instantly and set reminders too. Institutes can keep track of the assignments and homework. And here all the numbers are kept private, keeping the confidentiality on point. 


These are the different tech trends that teachers all over the world are following in order to communicate with their students. This is hands down, the best way to stay up-to-date with the learning. The advancement in the field of mobile app technology is helping the students to continue the learning process, even if they are present in a remote location.

App technology is moving in a directing that aims to facilitate education to each and every child, as it is their basic right. Hence, no one must be left from getting basic education, even because of the unconventional situation like the pandemic. But here, one thing that educational institutions must keep in mind that the requirements might differ for everyone. There can be situations where an education app might not fulfill all your necessities. This calls for immediate action and development of your own app.

The process needs to be implemented as soon as possible so that schools and teachers can minimize the loss of learning because of COVID. For that, you must refer to the brood of experienced professionals. Reach out to TECHUGO, a leading mobile app development company, and expand your knowledge about the ways to create a successful education application. Feel free to drop your views about this topic in the comment section and until the next update stay hooked to this portal for more exciting updates from around the world.



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