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Why Must You Take Website Accessibility Seriously and Work on it?

Users will not waste time in your site if they are not comfortable accessing the site contents. As statistics say that out of the disabled and challenged users who browse the web frequently or every day, almost 71% says that they would not return to a website if they do not feel comfortable with the accessibility options on the site. This may be access to content, functions, operations, menu, graphics, better resolution, and any such thing which interferes with the comfort of use and operability.

Why think about increasing site accessibility for the small percentage of challenged users?

Now you can easily say at present that there are hardly 13% users who are facing some physical or mental challenge with accessing websites on the web. But this number is not going to stay the same or lessen. Rather in the future, this number is going to increase. The people with problems and disabilities who are not comfortable accessing a site if there are no such accessibility features are going to increase in the global population. The simple reason behind that is the decrease in mortality or death rate. When there would be advanced treatment options and systems to increase the life of man and fight with diseases and conditions, then naturally mortality rate would decrease. However, this does not guarantee the quality of life or health.

tools and Considerations

Hence, you must think about that increasing population of people, who would be fighting with their disabilities which may be physical or cognitive, and yet, will have to depend on web browsing to meet several needs. In short, the number of aged people would be getting higher in the world consistently, and your site must cater to the needs of the seniors and should be made compatible and comfortable for their use. That is when the site would be accessible to these people.

The law about website accessibility

Web accessibility came into law for the first time in 2018. The World Wide Web disclosed this law that every website must be made in a way that it can be accessed easily by anyone. There are guidelines for website accessibility, and you must adhere to them for getting better results. Now the law is being enforced by organizations, businesses, and governments. However, the rules vary a little here and there depending on the place where it is applied.

Finally- Where website accessibility does fit in a nutshell

Website accessibility is not one single feature which will have one single definition. This includes many things altogether. When many features combine and work together, then a website becomes accessible. And a site that is accessible to one may not be as much accessible in every way to another. This depends on what features are used in the site making. That is why the view of people from all cadres is a necessity to judge website accessibility. And when you cannot get so many feedbacks about the site ina short time, especially before you are thinking about starting promotions for it, then you must measure the same with some tool. There are tools and software to measure site accessibility, and you can get a detailed report about the site through such reports.



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