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How Do I Move An EML File Into A Folder In Outlook?

EML format is a popular file format for email communication between different email clients and systems as well as for backup of all emails. However, when using the EML format, there are network issues that lead to breaks in various EML email clients. In addition, they are also faced with default settings for email-based applications. On the other hand, users can send/receive email messages, manage calendars, tasks and contacts, etc. via Outlook. MS Outlook contains mailbox data in PST format. Hence, there is a high demand among users to import EML files to Outlook.

However, due to its features and performance, Outlook seems to be gaining more and more credibility. It uses the PST files as a repository for EML files in Outlook. Hence, in this post, we will show you the right solution to fix this problem manually and with an EML converter.

Reason To Send An EML File Into A Folder Into Outlook

  • EML formats can only store a single email message. While PST contains complete mailbox data like all email messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc.
  • According to the research, EML files get corrupted quickly compared to other file extensions.
  • EML file management is a very complicated task.
  • EML files lack file locking features while PST offers advanced password protection to keep the data safe from other guilty users.

How To Move An EML File Into A Folder In Outlook Via Manual Approach?

If you already have Outlook installed and have an active Outlook profile. Then you can proceed with drag-and-drop features to fix these problems.

  • Open Outlook and create a separate folder in a mailbox.
  • Navigate to the location of the EML file and select all.
  • Hold the pointer over the selected files and move the pointer to a separate folder in Outlook.

Why Do Professionals Skip Manual Approaches?

  • EML files work as attachments in Outlook. So the manual technique is not a good decision.
  • This only applies to some EML files.
  • High probability of data loss during the drag and drop process.
  • In-depth technical knowledge is required to perform this operation.
  • An Outlook installation and an active profile are required to complete this process.

How To Send An EML File Into A Folder In Outlook Via Professional Approach?

If you are unfamiliar with the manual approach and want to overcome all the challenges of the manual approach. Then we recommend you go for the EML to PST converter. It is the fastest solution to convert large amounts of EML files without encountering excessive limitations. This tool development is completed with a powerful algorithm to get accurate results without losing even a single bit of information.

  • Install a converter on your PC and open it.
  • Browse the EML file and enter it in the software panel.
  • From the various export options, click on the PST option.
  • Finally, browse the desired destination and then click “Convert” to complete the process.

Why Are Professional Tools The Prime Choice?

  • The data structure remains as it was before the conversion process. In addition, the PST file converter offers full assurance that the data remains in its original state.
  • This tool also provides an option to convert EML to PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, PST, and many more export options.
  • It is very easy to use for all types of users without strong technical knowledge.
  • It also offers the best filtering features to convert specific data and is also useful to avoid spam files.
  • There is no need to install any other software to complete the conversion process.

Wrapping Up

Our main goal in this post was to solve your problems and find the right approach to move EML files to a folder in Outlook. All methods discussed are trusted and tested by technical experts. You can choose any of them based on suitability and satisfaction. Since the manual approach doesn’t meet your expectations, we recommend you opt for professional software to get an accurate output without wasting your time and effort.




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